China virus: Wuhan Brits to be quarantined for two weeks

China virus: Wuhan Brits to be quarantined for two weeks

Britons being flown back to the UK from the Chinese city of Wuhan and province of Hubei over coronavirus fears will be quarantined for two weeks.

About 200 British nationals are expected to board a flight chartered by the Foreign Office, leaving Wuhan this week.

But not all families are being allowed to leave together.

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  1. It's pretty obvious the UK governments policy here is to tell the public nothing and tell the stranded Brits nothing and to keep them out of the UK for the incubation period of the virus to flush out anyone with the corona virus. Any expat that thinks they're coming home before next weekend would be better just unpacking their suitcase and getting the kettle on. They've told BA to stop flying and are this morning blaming China for not letting the rescue flight take off and theres still nothing from either the Foriegn Secretary or the Health Secretary to tell anyone what's happening.
    I notice they are censoring the internet too. I searched last night for 2 hours trying to make contact with any brits in wuhan and could find nothing on here.

  2. Soon the singing in the Blocks will stop then it will be panick then wailing like Banshee,s then Fractions will emerge to begin BLOCK WAR but No Judge Dredd or Military intervention to squash them as they will be hunting for Food. Thoe 2 Billion to Feed is a lot

  3. Everyone when watching zombie movie: "OMG they are so cruel why don't they take that poor mother and her baby to safety."
    Everyone in real life: "LEAVE HER TO DIE THERE! SHE'S INFECTED!!!"
    People are just …

  4. They should say put! wait it out. They could pick it up on the plane home, not worth the risk.I wish them all the best and to be strong ,exercise ,write a book, learn something new.

  5. My question is why are they going to be sent to Wirral in the Northwest for quarantine. Why not an isolated location down south at a Salisbury Plain military base, away from people incase it leaks out. Instead they send them to Wirral. A densely populated area in the north. Is this the north south divide keeping it as far away from London as possible because the northerners are expendable. It really is a case of not in my back yard, because it's literally close to peoples houses. It should be military tents in a wide open space. Questions will be asked if this goes belly up and those responsible for such a careless judgement put on trial.

  6. Just stay put until it's over and done with? Sounds like it's to risky to even step outside an coming in contact with someone already with it if it's spreading person to person wouldn't it also be transferred by things have have touched/areas they have been?

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