Civilians in Idlib desperate for regime attacks to stop

Civilians in Idlib desperate for regime attacks to stop

The war in Syria has taken a heavy toll on its remaining medical infrastructure. And with new accusations emerging that the Russian and Assad regime air force are deliberately targeting civilians, one Syrian Doctor is doing what he can to treat the wounded. Our Oubai Shahbandar went into the rebel held province of Idlib and visited one of its last remaining hospitals for more.
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  1. Talk to brothers to stop fighting no one will be the beneficiary, but the loser will be the Muslims world. Allah warns us not to weaken our selves by dividing our front

  2. Just acvomodate them..economy ll fall irrespective of refugees.Why is turkey worrying for an economy full of usury? Trust us…you wont die of hunger..but yes…your life style ll be changed a lil if you accomodate refugees..but pretty soon you ll know the masliha of Allah.Just help them..even if it means to raise 2 generations.

  3. "Portugal Welcomes Refugees" Google it.
    I found articles not very old 2016 to 2019
    Portugal Welcomes Refugees to their country.
    Also either Al Jazeera or RT had a story about this and interviewed people that migrated to Portugal and they're doing very well

  4. The Devil in Idlib must be caught 1st, a few Imams from Turkey and Syria must be present so this devil can inform the cause of wickedness created in the region. After this Devil is caught, the Imams will assist in having this devil talk in who was directly involved in the attempted coup in Turkey and the real orgin of the Daesh.

  5. The situation in Syria is much more serious than the governments/media are telling us. Turkey is at war with Russia in Syria. The attack that killed 33 Turkish soldiers actually killed over 100 and was done mainly by Russians. Turkey responded with an effective drone swarm attack that shocked the Russians who could not stop it. The Syrian regime is lying about it's own casualties and the Russians will not admit they have lost anyone. Of course, we know they have.

  6. Turkey, once the hope of downtrodden Muslim nations such as Palestine, Rohingyas of Burma, Indian controlled Kashmir etc, has now become itself a regime aiding Israel by attacking Syrian legitimate government and supporting violent takfiri extremists.
    Moreover, Turkish embroilment in Syrian conflict will significantly weaken Turkish economy, Turkish military and will increase public discontent against Erdogan government. By his adventurism, Erdogan has created more enemies than friends and has Turkey surrounded by hostile nations. To the east, Iran, to the north Russia and Armenia, to the south now Syria and to the west Greece.
    Erdogan needs to ask himself wether his treacherous action to back violent jihadists is worth risking everything.
    Hope Erdogan comes to his sense and save Turkey from a potential disaster.

  7. Turkey should not be aiding and helping al Qaeda in northern syria. Why is Turkey helping with a invasion into Syria. I guess israel has total control of turkey.

  8. Why don't any if the international media interview's PUTiN and asking him what is he getting when he is doing such despicable crimes and support the vicious Assad regime

  9. And now Erdogan has screwed them with Sochi 2.0. They will stay in danger of murder and torture. They will stay homeless. PKK/Assad/Russia/Iran will continue to attack. Turkish soldiers will not be avenged all because Erdogan thinks his "dear friend" Putin, the arsonist and murder, will help him put out the fire.

  10. Turkey is long seen as the model for islamic country but Erdogan over ambition is hurting it. TRT is also not what is used to be a neutral news source and turning into a state propaganda mouthpiece

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