Divided Kashmir: India expects Pakistan-administrated Kashmir to be ruled by New Delhi

Divided Kashmir: India expects Pakistan-administrated Kashmir to be ruled by New Delhi

New Delhi says Pakistan-controlled Kashmir should be considered as part of India: India’s foreign minister also expressed hope that ‘one day they would have physical jurisdiction over the region’. New Delhi and Islamabad have been at loggerheads for more than 7 decades over Kashmir since they failed to agree on the borders drawn up during the British partition of India.

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  1. Hundreds of years ago even India wasn’t ONE country. It was different states ruled by different Maharajas. South Indian states were totally separate entities.

    Why not hold a referendum and find out what THE KASHMIRI PEOPLE want?

  2. Reporter never visit the refugee camps of Kasmiri pandit who are in tent for last 35 yrs.
    How Islamic terrorist have killed 5 lakhs Hindu Pandits in kasmir since 1947.

  3. The freedom enjoyed by the Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir vs the oppression suffered by the Kashmiris in IOK should inform people right then and there of what is just and what is acceptable to the Kashmiri people. As of yet no mobile communication which is how the majority of the population communicates, still a night curfew, and political prisoners are detained. Once Indians start coercing Kashmiris in IOK to sell their lands, and manipulating such sales to happen, its guaranteed violence will occur. Kashmiris do not want to part of India. Simple as that.

  4. Kashmir problem was created by pakistan. Kashmir king was asked to join either into India or pakistan but he opted to be Independent. But pakistan army with its tribes attacked and capture some part of kashmir. Kashmir king asked for Indias help and made accession treaty with India. Indian army stopped the pakistan army for more capturing kashmir .If pakistan dint attack kashmir it would have been Independent, this whole kashmir problem was started by pakistan.

  5. From 70 years under article 370 kashmir was under special status from rest of Indian states. This special status helped pakistan pro wahabi people to settled down in Indian administered kashmir and do ant India activities. Even a seperatist voice was heard in the news. What will Russia to with seperatist. Why Russia not given freedom to Chechenya.

  6. If pakistan thinks whole kashmir is disputed area then with out settling the dispute how it is allowing china built cpec road on disputed area, dont say it is developing. If India goes and develops in Taiwan will china keep quiet.

  7. Russia crushed Chechanya muslims revolt by bombing with planes and tanks but from 70 years India gave kashmiris special rights. But these special rights were taken wrongly by some politicians and made the situations worst with the help of pakistan. Indian never used heavy weopons like tanks and planes to bomb kashmir. India gave freedom speech to even seperatist but they took to advantage to divide and seperate kashmir from India.

  8. The video and comments are annoying, don't cry on british nuts policies they left 72 years ago, the strength of Indian army is roughly 1.2 million only, India needs far greater militarization if government does not do it, then make private militias like black shirts of Mr. Mussolini. India needs to take part in world affairs specially the gulf.

  9. I am a kashmiry who lives in azad Kashmir I class myself as a PakistanI just like 99% of kashmirys! Pakistan army zindabad isi zinda baad Pakistan paindaabaad imran Khan zindabad general bajwa zindabad general Asif ghafoor zindabad Kashmir baneh gah Pakistan!

  10. Kashmir is just one small region in Jammu and Kashmir ..there is Jammu Hindu majority region,Ladakh bhudist majority region,Kashmir Muslim majority region. This all is called Jammu and Kashmir… all lives beautifully in harmony…

  11. Sir it is j and k . And pakistaan occupied kashmir is not to be considered something . rather it is j and k and an integral part of country.indian occupied kasmir is a fake news. Afrain from it .

  12. This is quite a deceitful report. The British didn't partition India, the Indians did. It was they (specifically the muslims) who INSISTED on dividing India and having their own Islamic state. NOBODY would have drawn a border that all sides accepted. It's just so convenient to blame the British. The Indians should take responsibility for their own sectarian and religious prejudices. The British didn't invent those.

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