Donald Trump Jr. blames Democrats for "one-sided" impeachment inquiry

Donald Trump Jr. blames Democrats for "one-sided" impeachment inquiry

As the president fights against the House’s impeachment inquiry, his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is also hitting back at critics in his new book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.” Donald Trump Jr. joined CBSN to discuss divisive dialogue in America, whether or not the president is worried about the impeachment inquiry, and what’s next for the Trump family.

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  1. The Left thrives on hate? What side was it that claimed the former president wasn't an American citizen? Or their political rival was a coconspirator in the Kennedy assassination? I could go on, but I don't see any of the Democratic candidates throwing mud like this. I don't see Pelosi doing this. Or Shiff. I don't see any of them disparaging their counterparts with nicknames or insults. So which side is the hate coming from? Just because the Left wants to hold the president accountable doesn't mean you're not being treated fair.

  2. Jr. Needs to get used to wearing orange. He is a liar, a traitor, an imbecile that gets owned at every turn for his stupidity and lies. In time, the law will teach him a lesson. Whether it takes or not, is totally up to him.

    It probably will never take.

  3. Oh my goodnesss they"ll let anyone write and publish a book these days .Wouldn't buy a book of LIES whem I hear, and see them on a daily basis from his Daddy, president Trump. .

  4. Self-victimization, crying because they are being held accountable for real issues they create for themselves by being manipulative criminals. How dare anyone call them out for the unlawful acts they commit to the detriment of America and while representing the American people? Telling us what we see and hear is not what's happening. It is not the Dems doing this TO them. It is anyone with half a brain who understands reality saying this needs to stop! I cannot even listen to this self-promoting BS. They are perfect and everyone else is stupid.? United States of Trump??? I never identified as republican or democrat, but the way republicans are acting right now…they should be ashamed. Where are our American values? These are dark days.

  5. Yes… Jr is triggered… He's angry and doesn't have his facts straight. Republicans don't turn the other cheek. Daddy discredited Obama like a madman, despite Obama's presidency being rated in the high tier of US presidents and Republicans fought him all the way. Your daddy wildly ran up the national debt, but Obama held it down during economic recovery from one of worst recession in US history. Why are you living with your daddy… Jr seems to be lining up contacts for lucrative contracts when daddy leaves office. Daddy talks to our foes, but disregard our allies. Daddy hired Polish immigrant workers and paid them below minimum wage and didn't provide living accommodations. It's not that daddy doesn't do good things… he just does so many bad things, they overshadow the rest.

  6. Let me ask the Trump supporters out there if I make an analogy. Your friend calls you and says, "I saw you last night with a beautiful blonde that wasn't your wife but don't worry I won't tell her, nut I need a favor of about $1,000.00". Would you say that was a "perfect phone call "or would you say "you're blackmailing me"? If you say "that's blackmail" then you're also saying the man you support was blackmailing Ukraine. So, what is it, a "perfect phone call", or downright blackmail?

  7. Glad to have Trump as President Keep up the fight.!!! Main stream media all in for left. Tech trying to shut down deplorable bible believing flag loving people GO LOOK UP ABC A FEW DAYS AGO. MAIN STREAM COVERING FOR CLINTON IN 2016. “ Epstein”. Go Jr

  8. Really dude? Your father used his office to tweet out your book and encouraged people to buy it so that you could profit and — which is illegal — and you are STILL preoccupied with Hunter Biden. Stupidity is hereditary in the trump clan

  9. LOL! On a video where Don Jr. promotes his book mocking triggered snowflakes, the comments section here is full of triggered snowflakes! You can't write this stuff. Complete lack of self-awareness in the Snowflake Community.

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