First Take reacts to the NFL’s new CBA proposal moving to a full membership vote

First Take reacts to the NFL’s new CBA proposal moving to a full membership vote

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dominique Foxworth weigh in on the NFLPA reps voting 17-14 on the newest Collective Bargaining Agreement proposal to send a 10-year labor agreement to a full player membership vote.
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  1. Stephen A is an idiot.   It isn't a partnership.  If it was, then players would have to pitch in for stadium expenses, meals, transportation, executives and coaches salaries.  They're employees, that's it.  Some are more valuable than others, but they're still only employees.

  2. The owners and league will always win and will always survive with or without the players. The owners are the money tree and the gear that makes it all work. You think the next generation of college kids don't want to make millions? Let the rich tenured players walk. I think the college kids are the future anyway and would take millions regardless of the amount of games they play? I think they would play 20 games for half the pay. I would. Get a financial advisor and you're set for life.

  3. I Played nine years for the Packers 1985-93 seasons and was a Union Rep in 1992&93 and was an NFL Agent for 17 years with 1st round draft pick, Franchise Players and undrafted plaeyrs. What there talking about is more risk for a regular season game is way off point. Why? Consider a Training Camp week of Practice, you have inside Drill (7 on 7 run blocking), you have full speed practices and those are all padded practices Monday, Tues, Weds, Thurs and Friday taper down Walk through and Game Saturday (Sunday off). During a regular season the work week starts on Wednesday (helmets), Thursday full Practice and Friday Helmets Saturnday Walk Through. so in reality you exchanging A lot more cumulative hits preseason (monday, Tuesday, Weds and Thursday full padded training camp practice and a game for what? ONe padded Practice regular season and 70 plays in a game. Training camp you get about 200 plays per practice. The other element. The NFLPA is a Union. The Union Duty is to the Members NOT INCOMING ROOKIES and Undrafted players. So reducing a preseason game is Less Training camp film for NON-UNION MEMBERS to play and get film and to get better to take Veteran union members jobs. It also will force Coaches to play veterans more in preseason and not necessarily sit veterans in 4th preseason game. College players are good and minimum Salary. A study we did showed 10 players took up 50% of the salary cap so 53 players – 10 is balance of 43 players. the rosters balance of about 20 of the remaining 43 are first year Deals which is subject to Minimum salaries which is not even seven figures. So if those players are majority balance of the Union that get $100,000 pay increases is significant. After the 1987 Strike we certified as a Union and what did the QBs do? They formed what was known as the "QB CLUB" and got paid by management while other players got none. the QB's sold out the other teammates and union Members. I played with Brett favre he would not have done that. In particular for Lineman if an NFL game is 70 plays and 35 are pass blocking where you backup like Basketball and punch using your hands it is not like Run Blocking and Inside drill. If a Veteran can loose a Week of NFL Training camp, reduce the reps of a NON-Member (rookie non -dues paying member yet) so he can't get film and take a union Members job and the players that are not in the top Ten who take up 50% of the Cap then Voting body majority has significant votes from players in there first deal 1-4 however those are the players you don't hear. You hear QB's talking and the QB's talked loud when they were part of the QB club when the Union De-certified after the 1987 strike and we were trying to have enough dollars back then to pay the attorneys to fight for Free agency and Benefits. I held a picket sign and lost game checks and it is nice to see there is a boost for Retired players who sacrificed for the current system. Gene Upshaw was a Lineman not a QB, he would understand the cumulative hits of a training camp practice versus the Ease of practice of regular season and if they are providing an Extra game check for Paragraph 5 (Salary) so instead of a salary is 1/16 per week you have an extra week pay 1/17th while loosing a week of training camp and limiting reps from rookies there is intangible value to making the 53 man roster in Week 1 when Veterans entire Paragraph 5 salary is guaranteed.

  4. I have seen many businesses expand themselves out of business, usually due to decreased quality control. Expansion can also result in saturating a market to a degree where a product loses is appeal: it is no longer unique and special, or it becomes so common it is boring. It seems to me that NFL owners are on that track. They have already put the quality of their product at risk by having regular season games played on Sunday, as they always have, but also on Mondays and Thursdays. The shortened recovery times from prior or to succeeding games puts players at higher risk. The expansion to a 16 game season, and of the playoff format seems to me to have already stretched player durability to the limit. Any further expansion might put the quality of the product, and then the attention of the fans, at risk.

    I am admittedly "old school" when it comes to professional sports seasons: baseball should not extend beyond the 1st week of October, basketball should end in April, and football should end in January. This attitude extends into game days during the season for football: high school on Friday, College on Saturday, and pro on Sunday, period.

  5. At this point I think Molly just wants to pissed off viewers on purpose. It’s obvious she read the comments and know people hate her but she keeps interrupting and not letting people finish their sentence. Did ESPN signed her to a long term contract or something and they can’t afford to let her go?

  6. Seriously a financial step forward foh!!! That money isn't guaranteed smh yo football players have the dumbest reps and its because they have so many young players coming in

  7. i strongly believe Steven A. Smith's idea of limiting the players to only 16 games is a genius idea. It keeps the history of the stats intact, imagine all these QB's playing 17 games, every record will be shattered just because of the extra game. I hope they hear his idea and implement it.

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