Geraldo weighs in on Dems' debate performances, Trump's rallies

Geraldo weighs in on Dems' debate performances, Trump's rallies

Geraldo Rivera reacts to the news of the day on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxNews

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Fox News


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  1. And they call us THE DEPLORABLES….Look at the faces of these poor creatures…no Smiles , no American Spirit or Happniness… not even because they THINK they are going to get all those FREEBIES…that they dream of….its like a line of them heading to have their heads cut off…They hate America for sure… patriotism colors showing and NO AMERICAN FLAGS WAVING. What Idiots!!! They all need to start going to a Trump rally so they see, how A true American loves their Country and how WE STAND FOR OUR AMERICAN FLAG AND KNEEL FOR OUR CROSS…
    TRUMP 2020 !!!

  2. If anyone currently says a state is split on Republican vs. Democrat, then assume a margin of error in favor of Republicans. There are people in this country ridiculed (sometimes assaulted) just for wearing a red hat! Voters know this, so it's easier to just pretend they're not Trump supporters. When they're alone in a voting booth, we'll see Republicans have an easy path to victory.

  3. The left is looking for a winning candidate. Mr. Mike is not a winner. In looking for the vote reaping words Mike cannot find shoes in a shoebox. Mr. Mike and the rest of the lying left are offering Utopia for your vote .Utopia literally means nowhere. You will arrive there should they succeed.

  4. But a Democrat who ran as a "centrist" in PA…….is nowhere NEAR what Sanders will be offering. There's nothing resembling anything CLOSE to "centrist" with him.

  5. fox and fiends ———- still no mention of this stagnant (R) trump senate sitting on over 400 bills ! can you shills spell obstruction of congress ! did not (R)'s take an oath to the people of this country !

  6. The Democrats are pathetic. All they want is a Candidate who can beat Trump. They don't CARE what each Candidate offers voters. All they want is Trump GONE and a Democrat in. NOW the NEW Democrat plan to beat President Trump in November is to attack him about the ECONOMY! Who was it who passed Obamacare, Making tens of MILLIONS of FULL-TIME working men and women, PART-TIME workers? BINGO! King Obama and EVERY Democrat in Congress.

    YET Pelosi is BLAMMING President Trump. If Obamacare would NOT have been shoved down everyone's throats, EVERYONE would still be working FULL-TIME. Five facts about Sen Sanders you must know:

    1. Bernie took his bride to the former Soviet Union for their honeymoon.

    2. he'd be the oldest US president at their first inauguration by nearly a decade- he'd be 79 years old.

    3. Google: Bernie Sanders praised communist Cuba and Russia in the 1980s. In 2019, nearly 8.5 million people were enrolled in Obamacare, roughly 2.5% of the U.S. Population. NOT EVEN the Democrats want Obamacare. Source: Obamacare sign-ups surge in final tally.

    4. Imagine the Socialists Bernie will appoint during his administration and reducing our military capabilities.

    5. Google: Hillary Clinton Does Not Rule Out Running As Vice President. Sanders will appoint Hillary Clinton as his vice president.

    Please don’t be complacent and feel your VOTE in November doesn’t matter.

    Please VOTE in November.

  7. @1:55 is Geraldo saying that after 8 yrs of Rudy, doomberg came along and made NY better? So were Rudy's efforts, including cleaning up 42nd street activity, etc. now being attributed to doomberg?

  8. We want to know what the terrorists are thinking! This op ed should be encouraged, you dumb a*s!
    Another attempted attack on the N.Y. Times and a big wet kiss to Daddy. I have never seen 3 dopier people. .

  9. Trump comes from my generation. It was a Nick name time. EVERYONE had a Nick name. Adults, babies, and everyone in between. My mom was eeny, her name was Colleen. Dad was Tanigan or tan. The paperboy was Gizmo. On and On. Red was red haired. Skinny was medium plump..squeaky, whistle, on and on. It was a time when people said What they meant and meant what they said.

  10. Donald J Trumps 2020 budget proposal- 1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, 845 billion in cuts to Medicare, 25 billion in cuts to social security, 220 billion in cuts to snap food stamp program, 21 billion in cuts to temporary assistance for needy families, 207 billion in cuts to the student loan program and cuts or eliminates subsidized student loans AND 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY- We have a two-party system that serves only the wealthy and Corporations, socialism for the rich.

  11. Is anyone else getting CBS, NBC cnn….. anyone except Fox News in their Top News Feed?
    These cunts are even recommending bs from all of the Bloomberg channels.
    What gives?

  12. I remember the insults and yelling and trump in the 2016 debates and all the things he said about Ted Cruz…who seemed to misrember( bush) all that was said..Republicans are for the rich,assault weapons,and white supremacy.

  13. Can you believe voting any of these democrat candidates in the presidential election… this would be horrific… the next 8 years was to bring our country down which Obama brought the first 8 years distraction… why do they want to remain in America when they voice how they hate our country.. they are free to leave and we would welcome them leaving.. these candidates all embrace socialism to control the public.. they will do everything to rig the 2020 election as they have done for decades.. they need to be locked up.. their debates are so empty as they display their platform.. it is so difficult to listen to them knowing they are so stupid and hope the public will be awakened. Voters get out and vote all these criminals out of office.

  14. Geraldo stand up and confess you are a democrat.. that would be the most honest thing you would do.. you continue to find fault in most everything our president says or does.. why do these reporters invite him on their shows. He frustrates the public with his leftist remarks..go join the left and get off camera..

  15. Geraldo always starts out telling the truth but never misses a chance to take a shot at Trump. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Take everything he says with a grain of salt or you will be as confused as he is.

  16. I do not understand why anyone would believe the Republican agenda. Trump acts like a three year old who looks like a 70 year old. How it is possible for anyone to take a known lier seriously who still calls people names is beyond understanding. Can't someone convince Trump to resign? He is a petulant child. What is far more disturbing is the people who actually listen to him and cannot understand what he is doing to our country. They hear the dribble coming out of his mouth and believe it. Consider just one fact…he has the best economy ever. Not true, many presidents have had much better. Currently he is playing the part of a dictator very convincingly. Republicans dance around him like overly zealous parents ready to grant his every whim. They have developed an extremely spoiled baby.

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