Holy crusade of climate change sets out to save our polluted souls

Holy crusade of climate change sets out to save our polluted souls

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Politicians and journalists around the world are still ‘picking over’ the speech of 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg at the UN climate summit.

While she’s been widely praised for her impassioned address, there are those who say she’s leading a ‘cult’ for the younger generation.

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  1. Kind of funny how they use the term(Judeo,Christian) instead of the old and more accurate "Judeo,Christian,Islamic",after all they ALL pray to the same God,the God of Abraham!

  2. Reading all the comments here claiming that "Climate Change" is a "hysterical cult" has really made me change my views on things…. in that I no longer feel bad about the human race being wiped out as the Earth turns itself into Venus 2.0.

  3. There's nothing holy about this movement; LAUDATO SI states Sunday sabbath like the children of iz'ra-el! Yet anyone will tell you the sabbath is sun down Friday until sun down Saturday and has been for 1000s of years, if people like it or not the first known writing is Hebrew (hibiru) as tells with Enoch! 7th from Adam, and Noah's gt grandad (only fools would denounce the flood as the ark is in the side of Mt arafat and are the exact dimensions given in the word)
    So LAUDATO SI itself is of the antichrist!
    Sweden already has the mark of the beast in there right hand!

    Long live the father in heaven!

  4. A pathetic and unsuccessful attempt to compare climate change activism with religion when it is exactly not that, the religious preachers here are people like you, who are telling us to ignore what the data says because of money or a hunch or some mad conspiracy from the lizard people.

  5. I'm sick to death of this crap. Iike most people. Climate change is the biggest hoax of the 20th and 21st century. Follow the money and learn the truth. So many brain whosed sjw leftey nutters. Child abuse runs wild in the looney lefteys i have a name for the frecks. Climate change sheep. !!!!!!!!

  6. Climate change happens just depends on what is going on in space. Plenty of evidence of earth changes and lifeform die offs. But selling humans fear of things we cannot control is ridiculous.

  7. More people need to hear the truth, they don’t like that it comes from Russian television because they’re jaded. But truth is truth no matter where it comes from

  8. They talk about the warming of the earth but the earth is fast cooling down since 1,5 year and Russia shall experience in this second winter already this autumn (early snow and frost). The fast cooling of the earth is a serious threat of the people which is silenced. So they all run the wrong way and getting surprised in a bad way. A man of the sea has a meteorological degree. Adam got a dominion over the earth so it is a part of the personal responsibility while it affects every body personally but governments don't share it and what is the role of the army ? Got it something to do with the cause of the rapidly change and their past of secrets ? It is a story to follow.

  9. False flag climate terrorism is now on the agenda. Expect climate deranged teenage actors to allegedly kill their parents, blow up malls and oil refineries etc, now governments have an unlimited supply of gullible climate (idiots) heroes to blame.

  10. Natural climate change associated with the grand solar minimum mini ice age of the 1600's has returned for its 400 year cycle. Expect radical weather, radical temperatures, meridional jet stream flow, record snowfalls, glacial growth, global cooling, Polar Bear population booms, falling sea levels, blooming deserts, global greening, galactic influences, cosmic rays, wandering magnetic poles, volcanic uptick, earthquakes, mud floods, atmospheric compressions, giant hail stones and associated catastrophes with famine from crop failures leading to "peak food" shock and real climate migration, which has NOTHING to do with the man-made co2 global warming climate change hysteria. See ice age farmer, adapt 2030, John Casey, Tony Heller, Piers Corbyn, grand solar minimum news, ice age now dot com, etc.

  11. Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. HL Mencken "In Defense of Women" (1918)

  12. Fact…this world will continue on (regardless of what man doeth or doeth not) to judgement day…populated…climate change be about a u.n. vatican controled agenda hoax  that will be used to take away what ever privileges we have left,  rob us of whatever money we have left and subject us to a communist one world goverment

  13. I believe we should try to sort out the world's rubbish and try to work out how to get solar panels into space if we can do that we would have an amazing source of energy!

  14. I call bullshit. I expect more from this channel. I'm an activist..im an atheist….i also studied science (b.s. physiology)…i read 1 to 2 climate studies a day.. Ranging from the botony effects…to the entomological effects…to glacial effects.
    So any movement by thisvstandard is akin to religious dogma.???..civil rights.?..human rights in south africa..?.
    Because one believes in the 97% of climate scientists.(.and before you attempt to chew my ass out…the debunking of the 97 % of climate deniars has been debunked… )…if u now protest the fossil fuel companies business as usual…their lobbies…their bought and paid for politicians …(who are needed for any action to occur.) It is now a religious movement..?..
    this editorial is essentially an ad hominem attack /smear merchant with actually not one shread of evidence..He using hyperbole and poor metaphors to appeal to emotion.
    If we think back 30 years…climate scientists were the heretics…. But eventually the science won out..
    .and the effects are no longer conjecture… but being felt…globally…..
    most of the deniars science doesn't see the light of a peer reviewed journal because of its inherent innacuracies…misuse of data…and ommission data.
    I found this editorial insulting to ones intelligence. A propoganda hit job …appealing to emotion…
    If one finds the climate movement…distasteful…or misguided…argue with peer reviewed science ….not unpublished data or data taken out of context from the blogosphere.
    Poorly done RT.

  15. 20 years ago we saw people walking around the streets with a sign “THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH “
    and every one called them crazy. Now those signs have changed to media, but 2 things remain the same, the false message and the “crazy” people holding the signs.
    Total amount of man made CO2 in our atmosphere. Like I said crazy.

  16. We must all pray that our imminent extinction in twelve years time will be quick and painless .
    We must pray to the god of climate change in the church of St Greta . For she is God's daughter . If you refuse to pray then she will give you a dose of her precocious middle class wrath . You will be denounced as a blasphemer and a denier of the faith . You will be marched in the street and you will be pelted with rotten tomatoes . That will be the wrath of Greta the saviour for she is good and righteous . The climate change god is on her side .
    Blessed be the faithful deciples that make up the group extinction rebellion for they understand the wrath of God .

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