Hong Kong police brutality and growing disorder | DW News

Hong Kong police brutality and growing disorder | DW News

Hong Kong is bracing for more disorder on Monday, as some pro-democracy protesters call for a general strike.
Police have been trying to control small groups of protesters who tried to disrupt the metro system during rush hour. At least one arrest has been made. Over the weekend there were brutal scenes of police violence following chaotic protests. Passengers filmed police storming a train compartment, beating passengers and using pepper spray.
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  1. Police violent? Nah…these clown bully train passengers and no one report it. Why Western media need to be so bias just bcoz Hkg is part of China? Riots is OK in democracy? Why not train ur country man to do what these so call peaceful protestors does in ur own country. See what happen. 🙂 just my 2 cents.

  2. Wow! You western media really serious? You are not here to say it's police brutality! The incident in the train station last saturday was…protesters assaulted a few elderly people and someone called the police. Have you seen how they destroyed many establishments here in HK?! Actually, Hong Kongoers are lucky. If this is happening to any other countries..they got shooooooot already.

  3. Why did the police chase them all the way and beat them up? What had they been doing? Is there a relationship between their earlier behavior or damage and later being beaten up? Were police beating up everybody on the train? Apparently not so. This reporting is readily biased, and amateurish. The German or the Western way of doing things is the only way and any other handling approach is wrong? Anything sugarcoated with 'democracy' is good? Come on, you Germans can do better than this.

  4. Ccp bots only pointing out protester mistake and disregarding police brutality and cops instigating the voilence break out. Good for me i watch every news source.
    Ccp keeps feeding their media campaign on social media platform to undermine the hongkong protest.

  5. Goose pimple all over my pimple. Lying to the masses without blinking! Why don't you mention the rioters beating up old ppl in the trains before the police came and arrest them? Absolutely horrible, horrible western snakes.

  6. What police brutality are you talking about check the correct story how those bastardised demonstrators bullied the normal people and the amount of damages they have caused.
    Western media are too biased.

  7. Once you watch the full video (where those people hit an old passenger, smash his glasses, beat a women passenger and pushed her into the glass wall — that's why the police came to the rescue), you will feel happy to see this clip again.

  8. This news has been cut down. The reason for the arrest of the demonstrators was that a middle-aged man was going to work and called the police. The demonstrators organized the train to close. The demonstrators broke the train with umbrellas and hammers and threatened passengers from leaving. I don't know why Western media is part of the news. Everyone should be made aware of the truth. These demonstrators married our city. Broke our public facilities. Please don't trust the videos of Western media. This is clipped. Only the police arrested the mob. I feel that IQ is insulted.

  9. YouTube is cutting and deleting the noodles of the demonstrators in the broken city. Self-made freedom of dissidents. Beat the body of different opinions. Why only part of the video. Is democracy a liar?

  10. why not upload the full video?the full video shows before the police man came ,protestors beat the old people for more than 5 mins and break the subway train
    ,why you cut that part?
    are you going to tell a lie to cover the violence of the protestors?

  11. A lot of people say we should condemn any form of violence. It’s an universal value that we should all embrace. My question is, how do we condemn violence by state’s reinforcement institutions (ie army, police) to the people? How can we protect civilians from tyrannical repression?

  12. This is the most one-sided, biased, amateurish "journalism" I have ever seen. These clowns should be fired. Where is the mention of the police office being stabbed or the one who was assaulted. Unbelievable. The reporters got their jobs only because of their connections, not because of their skills.

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