Iran plane crash leads to anti-government protests

Iran plane crash leads to anti-government protests

Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets condemning Iranian authorities for shooting a Ukrainian passenger plane and killing all 176 people on board. CNN’s Nic Robertson reports.

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  1. US Soldiers Came From American Continent Near Our (iran) Borders And Killed Our Youth And General (Qassim Suleimani), Iranian People Hate America . Most Iranians hate America,

    And they burn the flag

    But few of them like America, which is very small

    And the United States and Britain are trying to havoc on Iran like Syria and Iraq by spreading these protests

    You should do more research on the Iranian people

  2. Ugh. I hate CNN. Commie News Network. The ones who employ sex offenders like Don Lemon. And I ask, why are people at the border no longer important? You’ve all moved on to something else to blame the president for. I guess the “border crises” didn’t outrage enough people. Better move on I suppose. I hope CNN goes off air. They’re so biased (ALL media stations are) it’s disgusting.

  3. US Democrats in Congress vote against supporting the protestors only because President Trump supports them. I think that says everything you need to know about the Democrats/Communists here in America.

  4. Missiles would not have been sent/shot, had Dickwad Trump not killed their General. So if the General had not been killed, missiles would not have been set off and 176 souls would still be among the living (I Have to Break it Down for The Dummy Trump Cult Followers).

  5. I notice CNN did not show the millions mourning there military commander that trump assassinated to create the whole thing. Also why no coverage on all the bombs killing thousands of children in Yemen, that your Government supports.

  6. Time to double down long in Bitcoin SV at 20 leverage….it is now undervalued to Bitcoin cash.
    The Ghost Train – Italy

    ghost train

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    As humans we are always curious about things that we actually couldn’t see or touch but, we believe something is there. Or maybe something is going on.

    This story is about a train. But it is not about train crash or something. Did you know? a train which totally disappeared while passing through a tunnel of Lombard, Italy.

    What Happened To The Train?

    This incident happened on 14 th of July 1911. The train “Zanetti” with three cars left Rome and should go through the mountain tunnel in Lombard but it disappeared with the passengers as soon as it entered into the tunnel. Yeah it was totally disappeared after entering in to the tunnel! Other mysterious fact is the tunnel’s distance from begin to the end is only 1 meter. After entering in to the tunnel the train was disappeared forever!

    From 100 passengers and six of staff, only 2 managed to rescue. They jumped out of the train at the last moment. After the accident two rescued passengers suffered with psychiatric disorder caused by strong stress but backed to norm later. They told that suddenly the passengers were overtaken with unexplained fear, panic started and the train was covered with milk – white mist gradually becoming more viscous.

    The two men who manage to escape were at a huge shock at that time. One was described the incident to an Italian newspaper. “ It was unbelievable, there was very thick fog and strange noise while that happening. I couldn’t help and nervous. Only thing came to my mind is jump out from the train. I saw another passenger also jumped out with me. That is all I remembered”

    No More Tunnel !

    the ghost train Italy/worldviralhub,com

    Italian government did everything to sort out what was happening that day. Thousands of workers and four forces searched every single inch of the tunnel. They even dig in to tunnel and try to find the train. Unfortunately they couldn’t found any clue to sort what happened to the train. After the incident Italians were afraid to travel by the trains. Government decided to close and abandon the tunnel forever.

    Due to a bomb exploration while the Second World War the tunnel was totally covered and couldn’t enter anymore. Many people believe that it happened due to a supernatural behavior or some miracle may happened at the time. Meanwhile others suspicious that train disappeared due to time traveling. And some were defined it may be a war strategy.

  7. This is the worst crap network news ever. I never seen something like this. The go around and turn in a point to hit the 24/7 narrative of attacking the president. I am not a supporter but this a pile of shit news!

  8. A lot of the support of the Iran general killed was at gun point many people especially children were forced to support him, don’t give up r governments don’t care about their people but the world does the world has Iran’s peoples back,

  9. 9:08 Oh please. So ridiculous. Skirt think idiocy. There is a conflict and each position step by step is critical in resolution. You are so stupid wasting time trying to figure out whether or not Trump is a good guy or not. That is what is wrong with the world today Sally. Hell paved with good intentions. There is a task at hand that has to be dealt with intelligently NOT EMOTIONALLY you twit. Timing is just part of the game and the answer isnt to sit around waiting for everybody to make sure feeeeeeeeelings are not hurt. Demotards still trying it every inch of the way. Has nothing to do with your feelings about his personality. That is what you whining b##ches will never and can never understand. FK Clinton and FK U.

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