Iraqi FURY over assassination of Iran’s Soleimani & PMF deputy head Al-Muhandis | Going Underground

Iraqi FURY over assassination of Iran’s Soleimani & PMF deputy head Al-Muhandis | Going Underground
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On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the former Israeli ambassador to the United States Danny Ayalon about the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. He discusses Netanyahu’s statements to cabinet calling his assassination a purely American event and urging Israeli ministers to stay out of the conflict, as well as Soleimani reportedly carrying an Iranian answer to the Saudi peace initiative, why Trump notified Netanyahu before the assassination but did not tell other US allies, and more! Next, we speak to Iraqi MP Saad al-Muttalibi about the Iraqi parliament’s decision to expel US and other foreign forces from Iraq. He discusses the process by which Iraq will expel foreign forces, why the assassination of Hashd Al-Shaabi’s (PMF) Deputy Chief Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis is an outrage considering his role in defeating ISIS, the unacceptable US response to his assassination, and the revelation that Soleimani was due to meet Iraqi PM Adil Abdul Mahdi to discuss Saudi Arabia’s proposal for peace between the Middle Eastern rivals. Finally, we speak to Geoffrey Robertson QC to discuss his new book ‘Who Owns History,’ which explores the history of imperial powers stealing and keeping cultural monuments and treasures. He also discusses Donald Trump’s threat to target Iranian cultural sites, for which he calls the US president a barbarian, and suggests that US generals will likely disobey Trump’s order to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes.

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  1. So israel build a field hospital in the golan heights for injured Syrians . Really ? Sceptics may call it a recruitment centre for israeli spies . Since when has israel ever had humanitarian sympathies . Answer. Never

  2. I can't watch this Zionist criminal! RT, I am becoming more and more disappointed with your coverage and your choice of interviewees…I now almost exclusively watch Press TV…It is much more truthful and professional…

  3. They will never accept the truth but only few, they can never stand straight to walk their action unless they have something to lean on – power, they love rided by the devil and all they talk is lie when even it's clear in all men's eyes

  4. Be wise Iran

    It's crystal clear that it's all about the reelection. That's what trump does, and also what republicans love to do, otherwise they are not who they are.

    Now, the thing is, if Iran can hold and wait until after the election, Trump will be voted off because people hate wars. **Once he's no longer the president, he will not be protected as a president**, then he can be asacinated in every possible way without triggering international upheaval. But if Iran's reaction is driven by impulse, Trump will be elected again and war is inevitable (and possibly the world war III) because when US is under attack Trump will have every reason to attack back and the anti war party will have nothing good to say and to do. The choice is yours now Iran.

    Fuck Trump btw he's not just a dumbfuck but also an evil dumbfuck.

  5. Trump wanted Irak to mediat between US and Iran that's why Soleimani was in Irak in the 1st place also that's how the US knew when and where Soleimani was . Trump used diplomacy to kill this guy.. that's criminal and no one talks about it Sad world

  6. If you believe that Israel was not involved in this ambush, think again, AIPAC an Isrealy Supper Pack owns the U.S Government, and if you don't believe me watch their annual meetings where American politicians beg for their endorsement and their money to be re-elected, now how owned is that. On my timeline is the acting president of Iraq exposing the fact that Trump was informed that the General was invited as a peace talk between Iran and Saudi Arabia when he was ambushed. Mike Pompeo set him up because he is CIA.

  7. Israel and humanitarian project?! having a laugh. Assad forces are Iranians? funny how he forgets to nominate the Russians who are on side of Assad! Israel does use proxies too "all US alliances are proxies" .

  8. Well done RT that you let Danny Ayalon the former ambassador speak. Nathanyahoo said: 'israhell should not be dragged into what is an American event' This brave and honest man is absolutely not warmongering. The only reason the usa is in the Middle East is israel !

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