Nobel winner Suu Kyi to defend Myanmar in genocide case

Nobel winner Suu Kyi to defend Myanmar in genocide case

Myanmar is facing accusations of genocide in the United Nations’ highest court over its treatment of Rohingya Muslims. The three-day public hearing will take place at the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands. In an unusual move for a head of state, Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, will be defending her country. Shamim Chowdhury explains.
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  1. Just a brief overview of History of Myanmar in particular with Muslim community…

    900-1700, Muslim and buddist lived freely in Arakan ( Rakhine) and Chittagong
    1785, invasion of Burma that saw Muslim population feeling to Chittagong in droves.
    1824- 1885, Anglo British war and British invasion. Muslims slowly returned to Arakan.
    1935, begining of national movement of Burma, Burma separates from British India and Rohingya Muslims fled to Chittagong again due to persecutions.
    1942, more than 100,000 Rohingya were killed in genocide.
    1947, Major general Aung Sung granted autonomy to ethnic groups in panglong conference, but, then Aung was assassinated and agreements came to nothing.
    1948, Burma declared it's independence and enforced the law of citizenship, later on, civil war broke out.
    1949, Rohingya Muslims were allowed to have an identity and normalisation started again.
    1954, U Nu declared the citizenship of Rohingya Muslims.
    1954-1960, Rohingya Muslims were recognized as Citizens of Burma.
    1962, General Ne Win, overthrew the government in military Coup and oppression of Rohingyas begun.
    1974, Government denied Voting rights to Muslim.
    1978, a total of 207,172 Rohingya Muslims fled to neighboring Bangladesh.
    1982, the military government enacted a new citizenship law that abolished the citizenship of Rohingya Muslims.
    1992, over 250,000 fled and sought refuge in Bangladesh, however Bangladesh didn't recognize them as refugees and treated them as illegal immigrants.
    2006, In a bizarre twist, Arakan national council declared Rohingyas as Bangladeshi citizens.
    2012, 8 June, secretarian conflict broke out between Buddist and Muslims and political parties fuelled the majority. Rohingyas fled in masses without any directions in open sea.
    2014, Myanmar prohibited the use of word Rohingya and forced the Rohingya Muslims to be identified as Bengalis.

    Today, still The most persecuted community in the today.

  2. Funny how terrorism, which attacked mainly western countries and since the war on terror, which was confined to the middle east, has somehow spread across the entire globe. Where suddenly China has started fighting against 'terrorism' on the Uighurs and Burma has started fighting 'terrorism' against the rohingyas and India has started fighting against 'terrorism' in Kashmir. This is a ridiculous front to turn away any attention on the acts of oppression and genocide taking place.

  3. They illegally invaded us, we let them stay. They killed our officers and started a rebellion and what are we suppose to do ? Sit quietly? They are illegal aliens so we drive them out and now they are playing the victims.

  4. Genocide of Bengalis aka Rohingya (200 million people) by Myanmar (50 million people)? Nonsensical. Mind you, former is the fastest growing population group in the world.

    Her forefathers fought against colonists. She fought against Communists, military dictators and now islamists (and their proxies). Bravest soul in the world!

  5. Even Gambia doesn't understand about Myanmar, he opened the genocide cases to International Court of Justice for earning money from supporting of World's Muslim Community. Gambia, shame on you! Don't barking with which you have little brain with little knowledge.

  6. It been almost more than 8 years for the muslim genocide in Maynmar, and yet the only country who has balls to speak out is Gambia !! I don't think there is something new about Muslims are being slaughtered in daily basis for the last 80 yrs in many parts around the world for different reasons such as racism, Islamphob, oil, land, and for thinking to stay in between of the Western and Eastern dominance game !! And sarcastically it is still the most growing religion in the world, wait hold on for second, is that God's plan ? or just it is the time for Maynmar to choose between picking side or being exposed ?

  7. India Support Myanmar ..those who think themselves the khalifa of muslims ,should give asylum to Rohingyas ….but no you won't , you'll just spread hates. There are more than 50 muslims countries but no one wants to give asylum to Rohingyas…this is your

  8. She is defending her families and friends and herself from "getting murdered by the Myanmar military" … do you know Myanmar government has no control over the Myanmar military … ya very weird…

  9. True Facts: Fabricated "rohingya" are actually Chittagonian speaking Bengali people, Chittagongnian also known as Satgaya is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the people of Chittagong in Bangladesh, and in much of the southeast of the country. It is closely related to Bengali and is often considered to be a nonstandard dialect of Bengali, but the two are not mutually intelligible. Plus the "rohingya" Chittagonian bangali have the same genetic, culture, tradition, and religion as bangali. About 90 percentage of them don't speak native rakhine or even Burmese because the crossed the border not long ago, That is why when they crossed back to Bangladesh they are able the speak to the border guard Bangladesh (bgb) because they are them. They don't have historical artifacts and temples that dates back thousands of years approved by international archeologists like the real natives of that region they arakan rohingya salvation army arsa slaughtered real villages of native ethnics, slaughtered by extremist arsa backed by Chittagonian bangali "rohingya" and taliban and they run away when the army came.

  10. Please someone who take the Nobel Peace prize winner Dalai Lama to a court for justice to Shugden people, because they are suffering under his dictatorship for two more decades in Tibetan society.

  11. Where is Muslim countries.see this Muslim.childrens ladies..faces all why Muslim not care Rohingya Muslim help.shame..YA ALLAH AYESE MUSLIM DESH HAMARE RHEKE BHE BEKAR HAI INLOG KO NAHE DEKHRE.ALLAH TUM LOG KE SAAT KARENGA TO JAB MALUOM HUTA.ALLAH INKE MADAD FARMA.AMEEN..SHAME MUSLIM COUNTRYS

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