NYC mayor urges sick New Yorkers to stay off subways during coronavirus outbreak

NYC mayor urges sick New Yorkers to stay off subways during coronavirus outbreak

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave an update as to how the nation’s most populous city is reacting to the coronavirus outbreak as the number of those infected in the city rose to 13. Watch his remarks here.


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  1. Novel Corona Virus is a RED FLAG Deep State LIE!

    The 2020 UN Population Division’s World Population Count is currently at 7.8 billion people across the Flat Earth.

    As of March 2020, the estimated total number of people with Novel Coronavirus is approximately 100,000 people.

    How can 100,000 people with Novel Coronavirus change the Stock Market, which has by most estimates has approximately 630,000 companies that are now traded publicly throughout the Flat World. The growth of global stock markets outside of the United States and Europe is a key reason that the number of public firms continues to grow.

    A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: STRESS KILLS PEOPLE!

    Corona Virus is a RED FLAG Deep State LIE! It’s about further training the populous or masses to just obey the so-called authorities without questioning anything.

    Nobody is listening to this Lie anymore. How come there are No famous people, No movie stars, No TV show hosts, No celebrities, No millionaires, No billionaires and NO POLITICIANS have this Novel Coronavirus??? Everyone knows the word NOVEL means a fictitious manufactured story or might as well say it is actually a LIE. Nobody is listening to this Lie anymore.

    This is all about Jacob Rothschild's Economic War.

    Rothschild Family (As of 2013) Complete List of 145 BANKS Owned or Controlled

    Jacob Rothschild is the Antichrist!

  2. bad video. You are mainstream media with 2.39 m subscribers. My neighborhood teenage makes better quality videos. Delete and post again without 2 voices at same time so we can hear. Jesus our country is INCOMPETENT from the top down! It is evident as a people we are on our own. We will rely and survive with our own common sense and logic and not rely on these ignorant bufoons! America has NO REAL LEadership. God help us.

  3. If this disease has just been ejected by a sneeze or cough, you walk right in and through that space, moments later, the moisture of this virus is in the air!

    People with asmtha are also in danger of critical effects from this disease.

  4. I guess people who live in the outer boroughs and work in Manhattan are going to Jet Ski, Kayak or swim to and from their jobs? I.E.: How do restaurant workers, delivery people and postal workers telecommute?

  5. Why are two voices talking simultaneously? It's not like it's a language translation. What gives? It seems like a delay, the talking about smoking/vaping was several minutes behind.

  6. People don't know there is no symptom at the first couple days, which is up to 14 days. So they don't know they are spreading. That is why everyone should wear mask in public.

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