Sen. Rick Scott's anti-Biden ad astounds CNN's Jake Tapper

Sen. Rick Scott's anti-Biden ad astounds CNN's Jake Tapper
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CNN’s Jake Tapper, Gloria Borger and John King react to Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-FL) new Iowa political ad targeting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. #CNN #News


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  1. Thank God for Santorum bringing sanity to CNN. I bet CNN had to agree to have him on their panels as some sort of term in one of their many lawsuit settlements for journalistic malpractice. ( Or the black employee discrimination lawsuit).

  2. OMG Naming the conspirators as character witnesses for the Biden Ukraine policy is laughable…The IMF? You mean Domenic Strauss Kahn and his former secretary he placed as head of the Ukraine national bank to run the money laundering ops? The bumbling Ukraine anti corruption bureau where the Obama placed toady was caught on hot mic? What about the Atlantic council lawyer representing Burisma that went and apologized to the Ukes for making up a bunch of fibs about Shokin? NOTHING CNN says can cover for the fact that billions of our tax dollars went missing and it's never been properly investigated by real investigators. Where are the Biden/Poroshenko transcripts ? and how come unlike Trump's communications, no one is calling for them? These CNN clowns are over the top with their obfuscations.

  3. We support our crooked politicians, like the Bidens and the Clintons. And we finally got into
    'the groove' internationally by supporting Islamo-Fascists globally: We created
    two newly independent Islamic countries in the Balkans (Kosovo and Bosnia) and
    are now supporting fascist-leaning Ukraine. We also embrace Middle East's
    Wahabis over much more democratic and secular Syria. Hitler, Hirohito and
    Mussolini are now exonerated!

  4. Hi Jake… Reality check:

    One could certainly ask questions about your impartiality too there Jake. One could but, really, why the hell bother?

    Oh, wait, should he be doing this while he is sitting on an impeachment? I dunno. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobachar, Ummm… Bernie … you get where I am going with this? It's called RECUSAL and it isn't supposed to be only for Republicans, you get that right? Hypocrisy they name is Democrat.

  5. I don't understand… there is no proof. What proof you need. Son gets a job on the board with 0 years experience in oil industry. You usually need around 20-30. Ambassador is investgating the company and Hunter. Biden pressurise Ukraine to fire the Ambassador because he is allegedly corrupted and appoint someone else.

    Trump calls president saying hey what with this investigation into Hunter and can you check. What CNN is NOT reporting and any of your media is that:
    1. Noone mentioned or asked about funds because they didn't even checked or in any way were concerned about these funds. There are always delayed and there is NO proof other than Ukraine even saying they didn't even raise it or got any concern funds are not there yet. There was no any deadline and some waiting for those funds.

    2. Even Monetary Fund froze money to Ukraine at that time because there were at that time very worrying data coming about current corruption. There is 0 conversation about any withelf of money or exvhange of ANY kind. He asks newly appointed presideny in an extremely corrupted country to look into the only case he is familiar about. If it was the son of famous American politician not being Biden he would also ask it.You would not?

  6. Jake Tapper's eyes look like he just got done crying. Sold his soul a long time ago so that can't be it. "no evidence"….mmmmOK Jake. When it's demonstrated for certain that Biden was ballz deep, which he was, CNN will be proven once again to be liars and knowing advocates of corruption.

  7. You say we need to come together, how can you say this when you’ve completely taken money from us, the tax payers here in America. Come together, why do you can take someone’s hair piece. like you did Homer Simpson’s Boss’s? Such a little lying sissy girl. Like your stupid hair. Anyway you idiot, do all Americans a favor and step down. You closet freak.

    Hello everyone, this is Hillary. Hey I truly need to ask all of you to do me a huge favor. Please copy and paste this link into your browser to see the evil and dishonesty of JOE BIDEN and his worthless Son.———>>.

    From this area in YouTube you can view many other scandalous things that Joe Biden has done. Now, I know I haven’t been to honest either. This is a given and we all know it. But, I am reaching out in my own personal effort to reclaim the honesty and loyalty For our Country, as I once had. Please spread the word and send this link on to others. Joe Biden is as I would say——>> An ASS CLOWN. Oh and one other thing I think we all need to request from JOE BIDEN is———>> for your Barber, idiot . You really haven’t done anything good for our Beloved Country, EVER. So Joe, take Homer Simpson’s Boss’s hair piece and move on. You complete idiot. You and your worthless Son. Who absolutely didn’t know anything About the two companies you lied about and willingly used your power to get him a job. JOE BIDEN, you are worthless and we truly do want you to step down. Idiot. In the video you are about to view, you will see, he completely runs off into our tax payers money, car and hides. So, I plead with you all, (Do Not Vote this this piece of sad shit, Joe Simpson Biden. You idiot. Hey Joe, take any of our tax payers money lately? You Shit Stick wireless freak

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