Sindh government is contemplating closing restaurants and tea shops by 9pm, as t…

Sindh government is contemplating closing restaurants and tea shops by 9pm, as t... 3

Sindh government is contemplating closing restaurants and tea shops by 9pm, as the number of coronavirus cases in the province continues to rise.

"I am now adopting zero-tolerance [policy]," Chief Minister Shah was quoted as saying in a statement by his media consultant.

"If our people stay out and visit eateries until late at night, I will shut down restaurants and hotels," Shah said.

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Sindh government is contemplating closing restaurants and tea shops by 9pm, as t... 7


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  1. I heard that Corona cant survive in temperature more than 25 then how in the world is it spreading in Sindh the Hottest province in Pakistan?

  2. Does this stupid even have any sense how to handle these kind of situations… a person who can’t help young kids dying every day of “ very preventable “ problems in Thar .

  3. Yes. Dine-in must be completely shut. The restaurants can still deliver food to homes, without getting their businesses hurt.

  4. It’s better to we increase 2 hours in this way we people will not sit late night at tea shop instead of closing do it on other way

  5. How will this help? Only putting preventive measures in place or closing establishments altogether for a few days will be better.

  6. Pakistan should completely lockdown too because People has no sense of understanding.The number of cases has gone raised rapidly.

  7. Please do not have restaurants open like this. We should get groceries and cook at home, thats the best. No fun and games until this is hopefully over.
    Please take this seriously

  8. I’m not a supporter of PPP but the actions &precaution measures taken by this legend in this serious situation is a tight slap on the face of federal govt which i given my precious vote.

  9. Better to increase time, reducing time will increase crowding in working hours…. most importantly dine in shud be stopped

  10. A prompt response from Sindh govt only, however federal ministers are busy in making fun of Sindh govt.

  11. Please for heaven sake close our University for teachers as well. We are being called each day and highly risk environment sitting in points in close proximity without masks can contract anyone if anyone is infected.

  12. Close sindh as well , restrict the movement of people at least if govt can’t completely lockdown the province as the infection is already spreading fast

  13. I know you love your families and you work for them don’t worry government will send food your families ” CM said in isolation wards” my prayers for the world and gonna admire this guy

  14. Prevention is the best way to fight and is the best treatment as there is no treatment. The govt must focus on prevention using all resources at its disposal. Right now situation sounds very grim and hopeless.

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