Syria's Idlib sees ghost towns as hundreds of thousands flee

Syria's Idlib sees ghost towns as hundreds of thousands flee

At least one million people are on the move in Syria’s Idlib province.
Stranded on the border area with Turkey and fearing Syrian government bombardments, the displaced have nowhere left to run or hide.
Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Cilvegozu on Turkey’s border with Syria.

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  1. World ignoring who is behine syrias war…..the protest is started whom,the answer is israeli in whole game…..because JESUS P.B.U.H WILL COME IN SYRIA FIRST THEN THEIR ARMY WILL KILL FAJE ISRAELI.MESSEAIAH DAJJAL….ITS RETURN IN AHADEES

  2. Civilian Deaths Syrian, Refugee Crisis and Public Building Destructions:

    Since Idlib is mainly controlled by illegal foreign forces, terrorists and rebels, I believe the most effective way to stop the attacks carrying out by Syrian, Russian and Iran and potentially China on the illegally occupying forces in Syria is for the US, and its European allies, including Turkey to sincerely demand that:

    1.The Syrian Rebels, Syrian Democratic, the Kurdish, terrorists and ISIS forces to either get out, surrender, leave the civilians alone or completely withdraw their illegal occupying forces from Syria.

    2. All of these forces stop using civilians as human shields during military battles and confrontations since these are against the UN Charter of Human Rights.

    3. Those illegal forces not to hide out in public buildings, eg schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, and temples etc.

    Both civilian deaths, refugee flees to Turkey and Europe and public building destructions would not be occurring should these illegal occupying forces were not using them as their protective devices and peacefully leave Syria.

    It is too illogical, bias and too unprincipled for the outsiders to singly or simple-mindedly tell the Syrian Government and its allies to voluntarily stop attacking their enemies’ military targets while paying no heed to the government’s enemies who illegally continue occupying Syria’s territories, hiding out in schools, hospitals and sacred places and then carrying out encountering attacks on the government and its allied forces.

    The real reason which is prolonging the current destructive war in Syria is because of the US’s dishonesty. The US used to deliberate both Nusra Front and the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham are officially included in the UN Security Council’s lists of terrorist organizations. They are also included in the national lists of terrorist organizations in the United States.

    Now consider these statements made by Washington officials, including US Special Representative for Syria Engagement [James] Jeffrey, suggesting that they view Tahrir al-Sham as not such a terrorist organization. As such they stated it would be possible for the US to establish a dialogue with it under some circumstances. The delivery of such a statement reveals that the US is still desperately aiming to overthrow the Syrian legitimate Government, Al-Assad.

    As of the present time, the US is still continuing hiding its real intention ie instigating for a regime change in Syria using a covert pretense of fighting terrorists. Its real target is removing the current democratically elected Al-Assad President. The US has not, during the nine year-long of Syrian War, demonstrated to be genuinely attacking terrorists, incapacitating or eliminating them from Syria. It should have been able to do this in just a matter of months, not years, considering its almighty army which is one of the most powerful military component of the world.

    May I as a political sympathizer of the US respectfully urge the US Administration to alter its current policy which aiming for the so-called “Regime Change” to a more humanely and morally tolerant strategy towards Syria, adopting a Vietnamese renowned proverb “Them ban bot thu” meaning “More friends less enemies.” The adoption of such a particular change of policy would win not only more friends for the US but also strengthen its worldwide political and military status around the globe.

    The US current strategic propaganda of “indiscriminate civilian killings public building destructions” will not work since it is highly bias, unjustifiable and unacceptable for the Syrian Government to unilaterally withhold liberating their country and preserve their territorial integrity.

    People with common sense do not, will not and would not believe that Syrian, Iranian and Russian military forces did, do, will or would deliberately or intentionally target and kill innocent civilians.

    As for Turkey with very respect to its authority, I need to point out that it now cannot continue to hide its wicked intention of occupying Syria territory anymore. Prior to its invasion of Syria Turkey publicly announced on various media channels that it would respect Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. It now arrogantly issues an ultimatum demanding Syrian Government to stop advance to and withdraw its armed forces from its own territory, ie Idlib by the end of February! Turkey’s delivery such an ultimatum to the Syrian Government is in effect a declaration of war which, seriously, could be leading to World War Three. It is more appropriate for the Syrian Government to issue such an alike demand urging Turkey to do the vice versa.

    Turkey now expressly asks for military help from the US, thus ones would soon be expecting to see Chinese footprints on Syrian soil assisting their allies in this region. Tension is being immensely intensified and World War Three would soon eventuate (as a natural consequence) should foreign invading forces continue to occupy Syria. The world cannot have peace when there is an existential oppression.

    Syria holds sacred and legitimate rights to liberate its country infighting against any invading and occupying forces. The sooner the Syrian Government can accomplish the mission of liberating their country the sooner the Syrian refugees can be resettled to their native homeland.

  3. america said they only there for the oil, white helmets staging chemical attacks. caliphates, united nations, hillary clinton former secretary of state under obama said they should take out al saad's airfields & enforce no fly zone told nicholas kristof, she then accused people sitting in the kremlin with bots & trolls.

  4. More than a million people escaping violence in northwest Syria are desperate to find shelter. Some of them have moved into empty buildings, erected tents, and some have yet to find a roof over their heads. Hospitals have been a crucial lifeline for civilians trying to survive indiscriminate airstrikes by the Syrian regime and its allies. Yet over 500 medical facilities have been destroyed over the course of the conflict. If they’re targeted deliberately, it’s a war crime. "Channel 4" investigates airstrikes on hospitals in the town of Ariha. The evidence obtained by this programme suggests the attack was carried out by Russia, despite its previous denials.

  5. If Turkey really wanted to stop the flow of refugees it would stop supporting the last terrorist stronghold, the war should have ended already its Turkey that is delaying the inevitable and creating refugees. The Syrian people had enough war just leave them alone, enough is enough.

  6. My heart breaks for the beautiful Syrian people. The USA and its allies have created this proxy war and I can only hope that it ends soon but…. Oh no here comes Turkey, NATO troops to cause more trouble.

  7. ប្រជាជនចេញពីអីុលិបហើយនៅសល់តែពួកអាល់កៃដានិងទាហានតួរគីជួយគាំទ្រអាល់កៃដាទេ ម៉េចរុស្សីនិងសីុរីដល់ណាទើបបញ្ចប់ពួកភេរវករទាំងនេះ ទុកយូរពេកជនសីុរីគ្មានសន្តិភាពទេ បញ្ចប់បានកាន់តែឆាប់កាន់តែល្អ

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