Trump changes his story as evidence mounts

Trump changes his story as evidence mounts

As House Democrats released a string of text messages between US diplomatic officials and Ukranian officials amid an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has started to change his messaging. CNN’s Jim Acosta reports. #CNN #News


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  1. You are so full of baloney! Perhaps what should be looked into the nepotism of your children taking jobs in the Whitehouse that would otherwise be filled by competent, experienced professionals! I wonder if they would get the same perks that your family does even ‘tho they have no experience….would others get special trade marks from foreign countries? Would others get to borrow Daddy’s AIRFORCE ONE PLANE TO GO GLOBETROTTING? I think not! Joe Biden is a good, intelligent, caring man! Why are you so jealous that his Son is getting paid a great salary by a foreign nation? At least they are not running FAKE charities to earn spending money for Dad’s fake use for non-charity expenses…like paying off porn stars…right?

  2. Trump they held a vote and you still didn't turn over information and let people testify. When you say something about someone you are always saying something you did and deflecting your crimes and corruption and lying on others. You definitely colluding with Russia and you committed Treason.

  3. Trump your not a Christian and you don't believe in God because you lie to much and you never go to church but for political purposes. Christian leaders who are supporting you don't believe either, because God said the one who condemns the liar is blessed and the one who doesn't condemn the liar will never see heaven!!! You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares and everyone around trump is criminal and pathological liars and corrupt and traitorous.

  4. You? Trump? Concerned about corruption? Please if you are concerned about corruption start at
    Your own house. Look in the mirror. If what you say is true why didn’t you start after corruption
    A long time ago with Biden’s son.

  5. Republicans do the Right Thing We The Public is watching.
    We see the Wrong that is being done and Only for One Person.Get rid of the "Problem"."Trump"
    Be Honest.Truthful and Obey your Duty to the Oath you took

  6. He is the most corrupt president …the entire White House is scum and the trump family are all disgusting examples of “a family that thinks they are above the law”. He spews lies. His wife is the Fake First Lady……she can’t hold a candle to Michelle Obama. No class, no dignity. Deserves to be married to trump and has to compete with her competition…hookers and Ivanka (that is really sick).

  7. The men lived off the joke of Clinton for years, I did not have sex with that women. Now they have trump. It was a perfect call, I do not have to pay for sex. Have fun men. lol

  8. I must be on another planet here in NZ. From where I’m standing it’s the dems who are obviously doing the lying, cheating and conniving. Indeed a lot of the dem senators seem treasonous given their predisposition to illegals and their flagrant abuse of your constitution and the quite obvious sham impeachment. And the way some leftist anti trump CIA leaders tried to frame the duly elected president… like I say, treasonous. I can see trump romping home in 2020

  9. The Orange Wanker won't get Impeached. The Senate is controlled by Republicans, they know he's their best chance of staying in power, and so wont shoot themselves in the foot. At least it'll show he just can't do whatever the hell he wants, there are consequences to his Tweets and actions. Do the right thing and vote him out in Nov.

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