Trump Meets With Pharma Executives About Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream)

Trump Meets With Pharma Executives About Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream)

President Trump, Vice President Pence and members of the Coronavirus Task Force meet with pharmaceutical executives.

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Trump Meets With Pharma Executives About Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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NBC News


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  1. We know that Donald Trump is Making Pharmaceutical Companies richer than ever, and this attempt at containing the Corona Virus, at this late stage, will not sit well with the American People going into the 2020 Election; it may have cost him his re-election. He doesn't have to skill set to be in office.

  2. NBC trashes Bernie and Medicare for All. BidentrumpBloomturd will deny tests and care. Boomers literally voting themselves to death. YOUR MAIDS AND COOKS ARE COUGHING ON YOUR FOOD. Buh-bye Boomer.

  3. Repeal the 1986 vaccine injury act that removed liability of vaccine manufacturers for injury and death of their products… There is no other product on earth where a manufacturer is not liable for their products.. Neurological problems, autoimmune problems and SIDS all come from injecting babies with pharmaceutical products. IDENTIFY THE PHARMA EXECUTIVES, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VACCINE INJURY'S AND DEATHS

  4. Trump has NOT been taken the best actions in history to contain the virus. He knows absolutely nothing and proves it when the scientists have to explain vaccines to him as if he's 5 years old. He makes claims about vaccines that the scientists have to contradict because he's WRONG! He doesn't understand the most basic things about an epidemic and what is needed to contain it. He's only concerned about bragging about what HE has done and how wonderful HE is and having everyone at the table brag about how smart HE is! When the others talk he isn't listening but acting like he doesn't want to hear anyone else. It's beyond embarrassing.

  5. Here is your chance to put results where your mouths are. You will not fool the American public with lies. We are watching and will not forget false info and promises, misleading, or incorrect information. Your reputation and trust of the American People is on the line and it is fragile as it is.

  6. Alright Rump, go trip over a knife. Your funeral will be celebrated all over the world. I can hardly wait! We'll have Mexican food and Tequilas all around! XOXO from the Netherlands!

  7. It feels like Trump is treating this like the “Apprentice” Who ever gets the vaccine first will be the new Apprentice. This isn’t a game, all companies should share information to come up with a solution. Everyone be Republican or Democrat, should be working together.

  8. This must have been a super awkward meeting to be in. Sitting with all your biggest competitors at one table and hearing all their different solutions.

  9. In my opinion the Coronavirus is going do do a true destruction of the stock market unlike Trump's deliberate attempts through tariffs wars to manipulate the ups and downs to benefit his rich buddies and conglomerates. Unfortunately we are unprepared for this virus when we should have already been prepared and unfortunately this virus is claiming lives. The only possible upside to this is that this virus will break up the monopoly that have made us all conform to slavery and programmed to believe that's ok but the smaller companies and poor individuals may have some opportunities as banks and commercial property owners will be begging for business at lowered interest and cost for everyone. Of course then Trump will look for a way to take credit for it all but maybe we should give him credit because he did nothing to stop the spread of Coronavirus when we had time to properly prepare as we watched what it was doing to China….
    Ken Ramnath
    Celine Int'l
    Wall Street, NYC

  10. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 282: 
    Everybody knows he's a noxious contagion
    Everybody knows he's a truth abuser
    Everybody knows his disinformation
    He thinks reality is for losers
    Everybody knows America's schism
    He's a fact-resistant organism
    Virus lies grow
    Everybody knows

    Verse 281: 
    Everybody knows after Barr’s rebuke
    Everybody knows he was oddly quiet
    Everybody knows when he tweets a message
    His true believers very quickly buy it
    Everybody knows he hopes Bernie’s the Dem nominee
    Who’ll be the first COVID-19 vaccinee?
    Don’t shake hands, use elbows
    Everybody knows

    Verse 280: 
    Everybody knows the coronavirus
    Everybody knows he planned cuts to CDC
    Everybody knows Dr. Fauci was told
    To cancel interviews on Sunday TV
    Everybody knows credibility Be Best
    Here comes his greatest leadership test
    Let health experts run the show
    Everybody knows

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    Did Trump try to cut the CDC's budget as Democrats claim?: ANALYSIS
    Chuck Todd Grills Pence, Says It Feels Like Team Trump’s ‘Gaslighting’ on Dems’ Coronavirus Rhetoric
    Full Pence interview

    (1:04 mark) Fmr. Ebola Czar: U.S 'So Far Behind' On Coronavirus Response | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
    Rep. Garamendi: NIH official canceled on five Sunday talk shows after Pence's office 'took over'
    Rep. Garamendi: CDC made 'very gross mistake' with Coronavirus evacuees

    Trump's Coronavirus Press Conference, Fact Checked | NowThis
    Trump faces credibility test as he plays down virus threat
    Trump lacks credibility amid coronavirus crisis
    Fact-checking President Trump’s coronavirus news conference
    …Trump’s credibility on these assurances has been hurt by previous Pollyannaish statements.

    Under Control
    The greatest chase sequence in movie history
    At 48 second mark, Wallace says: "Hang in there, Gromit! Everything's under control!"
    Psychiatrist on Trump’s ‘dangerous’ response to coronavirus crisis

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