US to deploy thousands of additional troops to the Middle East

US to deploy thousands of additional troops to the Middle East

The US will deploy thousands of additional troops to the Middle East as tensions with Iran mount following the airstrike that killed Qasem Soleimani, a US defense official told CNN. #CNN #News


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  1. Say what you want but the people of the Middle East know when to come together and support their country and their leaders by the millions. And we do what….protest and whine. How sad

  2. Hey Donnie Jr!! Glad you have been going on target practice trips…your Daddy needs you in Iran! You know…Kings and Princes have lead the charge in all the GREATEST battles in history…we wouldn't want to deprive you guys. (Make Xerxes proud…)

  3. its history, everywhere they enter it causes trouble.

    they lie to be there and assume that they are the victims.

    the local people used to in good condition but when they are there, they destroys people lives .

    they always start a war (create war for their benefits).

  4. Well, conservatives – Hopefully Trump won't shit on your kids memory too much after they die in the sand thousands of miles away from family and country for no discernible reason. I doubt it tho. He has proven over and over that he has no respect for the military. Good luck. You own this.

  5. A few of our soldiers will die, but not many . .. however the biggest problem will the continuing strain on our military force. Military recruitment is not keeping up with manpower demands and this isn't going to help.

  6. Trump is destroying all relationships with all of our Allies. The Trump Administration assassinated a top Iranian government official. We also, ignored our agreement with Iraq. Trump is insane and not working for America. He could still get reelected, because Americans don't understand he is committing terrorist acts and setting up WW111. Remember the Seychelles people, this is about the oil and it was planned by Trump, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE

  7. An old fart (Trump) orders the war but young men will die!
    Does Trump sons go to war or they just enjoy a nice glace of wine?!This is US money that will be spent to kill other nations’ people! The money which could be used for US citizen to be able to afford to see a doctor in times of need!

  8. It makes me laugh! US troops are poor kids that fight for money or US citizen lol they wanna get into fight with men who fight for their land, dignity, kids and family! Iran will be their graveyard! Welcome babies lol! I feel bad for their families though! you can deploy millions! But You can’t do shit like you couldn’t in Vietnam! It’s not Hollywood with Rambo lol

  9. FAKE NEWS CNN stop lying, the facts are different,stop your communists propaganda! People, please check the facts. The World is safe without terrorists! you defend terrorists. Hussein Obama label Qassem Soleimani as a terrorist, now all dems crying about terrorist Soleimani. What is WRONG with you Dems? What if your son or daughter came in coffin on airport? Everything what Radical Dems and dems paid Media do SUCKS! YOU are EMBARRASSMENT for US! You don't care about America, you just want more power! Dems Party is full with sick, brainwashed people! Wake up!

  10. Trump is just like Hitler when it comes to stratigic blunders. He is switching between North Korea and Iran just like Hitler turned himself on the Soviet Union after failure against Great Britian. And he was schuffling with tank toys resembling brigades on a landmap while in reality there were no brigades left and such too Trump is believing in American Invincibiltiy.

    By AbdAllah
    Dont impeach Trump, dont save America, dont give another Obama the chance to clean the mess of his predecessor..

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