View Point | Imran Yaqub Khan | Zafar Hilaly | GNN | 29 February 2020

View Point | Imran Yaqub Khan | Zafar Hilaly | GNN | 29 February 2020

Top Stories of the Day:

1. Agreement between Taliban and US at Qatar on Afghan Peace Process
2. Horrific train accident claims lives of over 20 people

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  1. عمران ساب حلالی صاحب کی باتیں سو فیصد درست ہیں کچھ نہی ھونا صرف اور صرف ٹرمپ الیکشن ھونے دو سب کو پتہ چل جائے گا :-

  2. Mr. Hilaly is on the spot. It will be best to divide Afghanistan into two. North West and South East. Southern part can be a Pakhtoon country and North West can be allied with Iran. This is the only solution.

  3. After some time Afghan govt will need Money,India is into good position to supply dollers and adds ,I agree, that concern, Tourism Afghanistan may have more potential than pakistan due to routes connection..

  4. ہلالی صاحب اگر آپ سقراط ہوتے تو جب آپ سفیر تھے تو عقل کدھر تھی۔ مراعات حاصل کیں اور رخصت ھو گئے۔ آج فلاسفر بنے ہوے ہیں۔

  5. 14 mahine ka period hai is beech mein is sal ke aakhir mein trump ki election hai us ne pichhle election mein kaha tha ke mein afghan jung khatam karonga aur fauj wapis bulaonga doosri baat ye ke in 14 mahino mein america apne wo equipment jo ke sirf ground route se hi nikale ja sakte hai wo nikalta jayega aur jin cheezon ko destroy karna hoga un ko destroy karega 13 hazar fauj mein se adhi nikalega us ke baad cia khud koi jali hamla karwayega aur ilzam isi pe lagayega matlab ye ke asal cheez uski airbases hain jo ke khatam nahin karega

  6. Pakistan has put all eggs in china's basket. China is struggling to meet the 2019 GDP, will fall short by 10-20% than last year is intelligent guess. with the stimulus packages for businesses, stock market infusion china according to some report has already used up more than a Trillion Dollars. might give pakistan 1-2 billion this year, No exports from Pakistan, No imports from china so far. if there is a COVID-19 outbreak in pakistan then its not a intelligent guess on the state of pakistani economy.

  7. امریکہ پاکستان کو جھنڈی دکھا چکا ہے۔اپنا کام نکلنے کے بعد پاکستان کو دھکا دیکر انڈیا کو گلے لگا لیا۔

  8. Mujy ik bat smaj ma nahe ati k ya hamry mulk ma sacolar tabaqa asa q kahta ha k Aman jeetah or dashatgard harah jab k ma inhe haram hron say pochon ga k dashtgard thy kon or q kaha gia on ko dashatgard, mari smaj nahe a raha q Allah per in ka tawakal nahe ha Byhad afsos sharam sari ki bat ha k hamry he muslaman apny he bhaio ko dashatgard bolty ha. wasy bi tumahry muo say aman ki bat achi nahe lagti.

  9. Dosri bat ya kamyabi Taliban ki khud zati ha q k pakistan jasy mulk nay bi on ko tanha chorah ik asy waqat ma jab on ko hamri zarorat thi bs kia kry hamrah khudah to Amrica ha Allah nahe q k wahe hamy dollar dytha ha wahe hamy dunya ma zalil or badnam krtah h, per hamri qoum ko Aqal nam ki cheez nahe ha

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