Weinstein lawyers: Impossible for him to get fair trial

Weinstein lawyers: Impossible for him to get fair trial

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers tell CNN’s Jean Casarez it isn’t possible for him to get a fair trial after Weinstein was convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree involving one woman and rape in the third degree involving another.

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  1. Your friends kept telling you to get on a plane.
    Are you so pompous and grandiose that you actually thought you could stay in the states and get away with it.
    Don't you understand you are white, you're not OJ Simpson.
    If the condom fit, you must acquit

  2. As the Lord told me is that Many famous people who works with feelings of inspiration, who works after inspiration is under some curse for something bad happens in their life when is the time, when they not have a understanding heart about their routes for inspiration….

    how the person could have a understanding heart about their routes to get inspiration, for example if I travel to Africa to see poor people to make me feel inspired, there are some specific people I will look, a understanding heart will want to reward them if he can, give them something that they need or a gift as a way to say thanks too understands is also in exchange of my inspiration, specially when I uses my inspiration to make lot of money, the very famous people for example singer sometimes is hard for them show all their routes of inspiration specially when they are after see photos of girls to feel inspired, but at least in private they should have a undertanding heart, and the government could make laws about that, because will help control more thus this part of life and will be better for famous people who works after feelings of inspiration… because is a also to show respect to this part of the job of feel inspired too, and to organizes too for their good if not curse could keep destroying their lifes

  3. I hate metoo bullshit..
    He didn’t take the pussy- what? You can’t talk shit to a chick anymore? If she fucks, that’s on her! How you gonna blow a fat fuck and then feel bad afterwards?!

  4. Reasonable doubt is all over this thing. Loving emails. Even bragging about "blowing" him. Common sense points to casting couch, not rape. Incarceration shouldn't be part of this equation. This is really a civil matter. Harvey Weinstein didn't build an empire being retarded, and you would have to be retarded to rape a woman in a public place like a hotel. Men get locked up for having an argument with their wives. When a woman calls 911, many municipalities cuff the man automatically because he is the "predominant" aggressor due to size and strength, even if police know he is innocent and that, in fact, the woman is the real, or "primary" aggressor. It's purely precautionary. The prosecution gets an "expert" witness to spew psycho-babble to explain the inexplicable and convince the jury to dismiss their common sense. The fact is, here on the ground, if he actually raped any of his 80 accusers, at least one would have had a "normal" reaction: scratched up his face, called 911 in the lobby, and presented to a hospital. Any normal person would not follow up with loving emails.

  5. Oh well, guess he should be let go!!!!!! Get him to Epstein himself. We are all sick of seeing that NASTY LITTLE MAN. Do it please, VIDEO IT AND SELL IT. The money can go to your victims.PROBLEM SOLVED.

  6. Think of how those women felt … fuk hosp … take him straight to prison … could you imagine what it takes for the women to come forward …

    He makes real men look like trash … no wonder women hate us …

    Theres billions of these creatures in the u.s.

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