Head of US intl broadcast agency LIES to Congress about RT’s funding

Head of US intl broadcast agency LIES to Congress about RT’s funding

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The CEO of the American agency that governs international broadcasting has made a powerful, if blatantly false, sales pitch for his fight against ‘Russian disinformation’… right after saying “any lie will do” for the Kremlin.

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#RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


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  1. I am quite sure that both are propaganda. But from my experience especially when the mass media attacked us in the war.
    American propaganda is 80% lies literally. While their lies are obvious and only appear when they want to give a country some "democracy"(like Iran rn. There are many fake news about Iran attacking a British ship. And trust me it's fake) still many believe them. Which is the entire problem here.
    Russian propaganda has some fake news too. They Lie a lot less but put you in their point of view. They try to show theirselves as the good guys and all. While they could be in many wars but they aren't really the good guys. (they are doing everything for their interests)
    All in all Russian news aren't even near American news in terms of lying. I even remember seeing a documentary in BBC about the syrian army killing puppies for fun?
    I seriously couldn't believe that this was a thing because I'm a Syrian and can tell whether it was true or not. I felt so ashamed seeing such a thing. And ofc many believed it.
    Ignoring the fact that one day fox news posted an article about nasa finding a meteor made of gold and that they want to make everyone rich. Like what the hell?!
    I have never thought that stupidity could be as much as it is rn.

  2. Muricans open your wallet and pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay pay ! LOL!

  3. I listen to Sputnik and watch video clips from RT on YouTube all the time. It's obvious when they're lying. It's obvious that their sole purpose is to bash America. They'll never tell you how much worse it is in Russia. They broadcast a lot of US programs, probably from Radio Pacifica. Among them are Loud and Clear, By Any Means Necessary, The Critical hour. Larry King works for them. Some of my favorite liars are Peter Lavelle who hosts Crosstalk, George Galloway, Oksana Boyko. Svetlana Eikomenko has one of the most pleasing voices on the radio but some of the things she says make me cringe. They have a new one Jason White whose British accent is so annoying I have to turn to another station.when he's on. I watch and listen to other bad guy stations too. CGTN the Chinese Propaganda network, al Jazeera, Radio Havana, but also stations from Israel, France 24, RTI, CBC, and one of the most lying anti American anti Israel stations BBC. Sputnik must have a limited budget because they play the same programs over and over again endlessly.

    Kudos to al Jazeera for investigative reporting that obtained conclusive proof that Yasser Arafat was assassinated with Polonium 210 just like Litvenenko the ex KGB spy. Unanswered was why Russia wanted Arafat dead. I also listen to South Korea Radio, Japan Radio, and Deutsche Welle.

  4. In the world of US media, if truth-tellers are exposing your lies, then eliminate the truth-tellers.
    That is why there are only 6 media companies left in the USA.
    But don't just look at RT for evidence of that. How about Mr Assange, Mr Snowden ?
    You want to know where to get the truth ? Just search for what the US government are trying to not let you hear.

  5. America is a seasoned, proven liar- how many examples do you want? Vietnam? Cuba? Syria? Arms sale by Obama? Everything is proven now!

  6. Nobody with half a brain thinks rt is a legitimate news source they’re the Russian Fox News. Who the hell is that ass in the video calling someone a liar after they said they didn’t know then you spin it like a douche bag

  7. 0:30 "The weaponization of information that we're seeing … Israel."
    0:45 "From their perspective, in a world where nothing is imperially truthful…"
    3:58 Indeed, the name couldn't have been chosen better. It's like Drug Enforcement Agency.

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