Joshua Wong to attend US Congress hearing on pro-Hong Kong bill

Joshua Wong to attend US Congress hearing on pro-Hong Kong bill

#HongKong protest leader, Joshua #Wong is now in #US, where he’s expected to attend congressional hearings on pro-Hong Kong bill



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  1. He is a coward and a traitor, he should be shot not given praise and title far above him. US incriminate itself, and we know they are behind protests in Moscow, same people who trained “protesters” to kill Gaddafi, they take down riot police like spetznaz, there is obviously serious training from US government through US embassy.

  2. These little thugs are supported and funded by the US. Thanks to N.E.D= an organization that funds regime change, civil unrest send wars around the globe, doing openly what the CIA does covertly……check it out

  3. Hk will become the battle ground for China & US. And guess what… only Hk will suffer definitely. Presently Hk economy is suffering, look at all the business stores and malls.

  4. It is so stupid to believe liars, especially a criminal.

    How shameful the web media that they use false news to mislead the youngsters' support.  They only 12 to 17 years old…

    The   school teachers spreading  anti-government, anti-police messages and rioter training to the students. 

    Many parents are very anxious and hard to reject…,even we complain to education dept.  We all are very angry with the press and rioters.

    Many HongKongers' Facebook,  YouTube account are blocked in Sep.  That are real HK people accounts like me (informed to be stopped in mide Sep), not only in China.  What is speech freedom says in American?  Hong Kong silent citizens are prohibited to take photos  of rioter's violence actions or argue with them, otherwise our Mobil will be stolen or broken, body will be hit.

    What is speech freedom ? Only for protesters and rioters?

  5. he is a pawn for U.S agenda in south china sea. have no dignity.
    china should assert a rigid stance against U.S interference.
    and call out their bluff if they start to flex muscle in south china sea, and HIT THEM. we will destroy them in 12 years anyway. China, you might want to have a chance to pound them hard. and according to our assessment you would win.
    We aren't encouraging war, but U.S need to get smacked on the face by another strong country soon or later. they need to face reality. the world have been condoning U.S interference and imposing habits for too long. it benefits no one but themselves.

    teach them a lesson before we remove them permanently in 12 years.

  6. Western countries should take their trash back: Joshua Wong, Denise Ho…..
    An anti-mask law can unmask the separatists & their accomplices.
    The Emergency Regulations Ordinance can protect locals & cops from being bullied & threatened by rioters.

  7. China is trying to purge these viruses out of Hong Kong. Now they are in USA to spread their form of freedom and democracy. Soon USA will have protests and riots similar to what they have in Hong Kong. Those who played with fire will be burnt by fire !

  8. The CIA is rebranded as the N.E.D in Hong Kong and the violent protest including the rise of CIA puppet Joshua Wong and the establishment of a Hoa government in Hong Kong

  9. As a Hong Konger, I wholeheartedly appreciate what Joshua Wong has been doing for Hong Kong throughout these years. He’s in his early 20s, he should be hanging out with friends, having fun, enjoying the best years of his life like all other young people, instead of going in and out the jail and risking his life to speak out and make noise for us. We Hong Kong people owe him so much.

  10. You rioters should stop abusing human rights. Extradition law is an international law and is for human rights. The hongkee who murdered his wife in Taiwan unable to take to justice because no extradition law. What justice is this? Human rights doesn't give one right to disrupt public communication, protect murderers, throwing petrolbombs, arsonist, fighting with civilians and parents. You're fighting for lawlessness, you rioters better live in the jungle. No law there and even in the jungle there is animals law to observe.
    Denise Ho, Joshua parents are Vietnamese, they don't know what your an ancestors went thru.. How the hell people like them with Vietnamese blood is representing HK people and destroying their livelihood and country economy.

  11. 0:44 LOL, the total perversion, claiming it is China who should not interfere. Marco Jewbio should take a history lesson if he doesn't have a shred of a clue what he's talking about.

    What should happen first is the understanding that the deal with the special status of Hong Kong was a courtesy, since Hong Kong was stolen from China and now the victim gave the thieves frickin' five decades to fully give it back. China fueled the 'American exceptionalism' back then. A mistake. – Proven plenty times: Do not negotiate with utter crooks. You will only lose from it.

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