#100Women: The full Sky News debate

#100Women: The full Sky News debate

Sky News hosted a debate with 100 women from all walks of life to discuss fair pay, what it means to be a feminist in 2018 and whether equality truly exists in the UK.


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  1. Half an hour in and the only case of unequal pay "for the same job" they have found so far, anecdotally, after filling it up with feminists, is the actress who asked for more and got it.

  2. Walk though your average mall and count the proportion of shops specifically targeting women and those specifically targeting men – then come back and have a discussion with me about the patriarchy.

    In the meantime I will sit here and smoke my pipe and while I am at it, be a dear and go and fetch me a beer and a sandwich 😛

  3. Haveing woman in the army is not a good thing I'd like to think that if they was another war I am on the winning side and that would be the side that has elite trained men

  4. They talk about teaching young men to respect women more. Are young women being taught to respect men more? I think women are being taught to be more disrespectful towards men. Being disrespectful towards men is even celebrated.

  5. UK men find a woman abroad; Eastern Europe for example. Bring in good genes for future generations. So at least your sons can have a bigger chance of experiencing beautiful feminine women. The majority of British women are ugly either internally or externally and expect the Earth from men. They give little in return.

  6. 50% of the time I use a fork to cut my food and a knife to put it in my mouth because they should be equal. I also, do the same thing with cups and saucers as well as shirts and trousers…get some funny looks but I don't care, I'm woke.

    On a seperate note, it is at least (sad that this is now considered such) a good thing that Sky News allows comments and voting here.

  7. Manufactured artificial schizophrenia inflicted on a human being against their will is a human rights crime.Its torture.Use of hypnotic suggestions against a persons will from a mind of a grotesque vile and disgusting toxic group is criminal.Psychopathic perverts who must for using this as a civil harassment campaign must face court action.They are not funny and I don't like them.

  8. Women at sky lol. Shills for the libnatratz. No Women would ever subjegate themselves to such vile anti Community bunch of bald old Liberal thieves in suits. But hey I guess it's a recession so things like morality cannot be afforded by such women but a step away from selling bodies. Perhaps selling the soul to the liberals is worse… Eh I guess they themselves will see if its a good deal when the goodnight comes and the report is read. . May I suggest a silver heat blanket for all

  9. Female culture NEEDS to finally change and evolve. Hopefully it will and women will be called out on their extremely toxic & misandristic attitudes towards men. Echo chambers like this are part of the problem where men have no voice. Whenever men do have a voice and criticise women similarly to the way that women criticise men they are told it doesn't matter because they are not female. Disgusting.

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