Britain's Modern Slave Trade l Al Jazeera Investigations

Britain's Modern Slave Trade l Al Jazeera Investigations

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit goes undercover to reveal the true scale of modern slavery in suburban Britain. We expose the slave masters and the people smugglers and talk to victims about their ordeals.

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  1. I just saw a woman today who looked older than my mother working at the carwash. Tough with, but it's a legitimate business. I figured she had no choice, maybe illegal or few options. Hurt my heart.

  2. Islam is more dangerous than media says.aljazeera is dishonest house girls are dying daily in middle East killing girls and forcing then to sleep with then why don't you check that too.islam states that a Muslim can take other wife even slaves that is more evident more in middle East

  3. Poor dudes who's guarding a cannabis plants. If being catched by police then get educated by them, I think it's far better.

  4. Ôi thương quá ! Tan nát một Viet Nam thiên dường XHCN CS vẽ vời ra , nhưng chỉ có dám dảng viên to dùng, bọn dảng viên ăn theo thì chúng nó hút máu mủ dân lành , thì còn cái con mẹ nó rớt rãi gì cho dân chúng hèn mọn nhỏ bé này dâu nào , ho dành phải tha phương cầu thực nhục nhằn như một nô lệ thời
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    Communist are animals ,

  5. Forward this to some of the “Hongkongers” who are seeking “independence” to prove how democratic and civilized their “motherland” is and how they protect human rights

  6. I am from Romania so I understand directly what the victims are saying and it's one big elephant in the room that obviously goes unmentioned: each and every one of the victims are victims first of all of their stupidity.
    Home they can find jobs – there's a shortage in the work market. Yes, the wages are lower, but not that much to justify the acceptance of those conditions.

  7. makes me curious, how do the journalists all over the world get to discover, film and research the most heinous crimes against human beings and then share them with the audiences while the people who are paid to do the policing seem to be absolutely (willfully?) oblivious… I do understand that they are not totally oblivious and face the Legal issues of money+lawers at the higher levels. However, videos like these make me wish the Hit Squads were a real thing… Leave in your home comfortably on the profits of human trafficking? – get a late night visit…

    All things said, the real cure is in curing the demand for the products these human beings provide…

  8. Making use of natural resources from others countries to build your wealth is slavery..the Britis did and keep doing it. Is it funny that they talk about this with so much property..what happened with the first Americans that they called Indians , or the Iranians with the oil (remember the BP) or just see around the world.and they pick on a car washer guy? Leave the guy alone . The others I understand. The pimp should put in the same condicions that he puts the women .
    Brithis should start within themselves.

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