'Everybody should be concern' – Jim Rogers talks to RT about Brexit

'Everybody should be concern' - Jim Rogers talks to RT about Brexit

Jim Rogers, financial guru and investor, talks to RT about the impact of Brexit. Apparently, ‘we all should be worried’ – Brexit vote could be the trigger for ‘dominoes to start falling’: boosting world economic recession, causing troubles for business and for people.

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  1. born and BRED in London & we think it's FANTASTIC!!! – LOL Norway does alright not being a part of the EU, So if UK follow in their footsteps it should be alright. But anyway we cannot be bullied! Plus the European Union is into globalization I think trying to get rid of the pound by 2020 and Usher in a New World Order Cashless Society. The EU needs the UK that's the truth we can trade elsewhere England remains Sovereign and now independent. EU has devastated the economies of Spain Portugal Italy Greece and France and is likely to implode.

  2. Lets face it, The system was always doomed to fail its based on unlimited financial self indulgence!  but everything has a limit.

  3. All bullshit. Norway votet 1994 with the same arguments the world will end if they didnt join. What happend when they voted no….NOTHING. UK will get same deal as Norway. EES and such the markets will mayby be a little bumpy for a short while.

  4. I'm giving a high 5 to the leaders of Brexit for the smooth and seamless transition, whilst avoiding any major pitfalls or gaffs bigger than the cheddar gorge.or grand canyon along the way.

  5. It seems quite easy to be an invited speaker, just repeat what Jim Rogers has been saying for the past few years, "be worried", "there is a lot of debts", "buy agriculture"

  6. There is no money,credits and debits,it's all reversionary interest that needs to be zeroed.

    they've got trillions of our equity credit hidden away,that they've stolen over the 70 year stinking bankruptcy.

    stock market is complete and utter bollox,there are no experts just people who talk to much to justify there pathetic nonexistent bull shit life.

  7. As for you rt wankers (788-90 finchley road) are just as bad as all the other main stream fucking morons.

    your all on the shit list

    pirates .clowns. pimps and prostitutes.

  8. Before everyone gets too carried away about the eu referendum results there may be some legal and moral questions and claims to address, Was the referendum legal? Bearing in mind that many people have been robbed of their European citizenship I doubt if it was. Then there are the legal claims to negotiate and settle from those who gave up their lives in other european countries to go to Britain. They trusted the British government to honour their obligations and protect their rights as european citizens. These rights do not look very honoured or protected to me. False claims made during the campaign may be another reason for the illegality of the referendum. There should be a second referendum but is this likely? I would remind readers that civil wars have been fought over less. Who is to blame? After careful thought you may find as I have that it was the impossible demands placed by the EU parliament on the UK that is to blame for the results of this referendum and that Britain did everything it could to comply. Where national security is at stake perhaps no price is too high. However, Britain needs to respect those from Europe who are already living in Britain, and apologise both to its own citizens and those from other european countries for what has happened.

  9. Jim Rogers was saying buy commodities when they were high and kept saying buy commodities. Now they are down 50% He said buy Russia when the RSX ETF was at 21 now it is 13.5 . If you want to loose money follow Jim

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