Gary Johnson Interview With Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks

Gary Johnson Interview With Cenk Uygur Of The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks interviews former Governor and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is an American businessman, author, politician and the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Cenk asks Governor Johnson about his 2016 campaign

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  1. I really want to see Gary Johnson debate with Hillary Clinton. I watched the debate last night and heard nothing new. Right now it's between Gary Johnson and Hillary for me, with Johnson ahead for being generally honest and mostly practical while standing against raising taxes, crony capitalism, and foreign interventions. If Hillary wants my vote, she has to convince me she would be a better choice, and the only way to do that would be to dare to debate him head to head and refute his arguments point by point. I want her to explain why she's a better choice than Johnson, not why she's a better choice than Trump. A cabbage would be a better choice than Trump.

  2. Someone needs to clue Hillary in that

    Climate Change is #1 issue. 100-panel solar 4-plex A~frame homes are Affordable they make $1000./Mo. income from selling sun.

    This will make solar homes free by 2030.

    Just like cell phone calls from SF to NY are now free.

    10% of the nation, in 20 states with 40 Senators, control Congress.
    True Democracy is control over all, by all.

    Who Control Congress. "Bright Infinite Future" by Mark Green

    Talk is cheap.

    If you really want to stop climate change,
    You & 5 friends need to build a 100-panel A-frame, 4-plex solar home.

    Hey Ralph, the #1 issue is climate meltdown.
    The solution to climate melt is for every family to collective to build a 100-panel solar home.
    This creates local jobs that cannot be off-shored.
    This can stop Big Oil, shut nukes, end poverty, end sexism & racism.
    Maine, California, Japan, China & Germany all pay $0.49 kwh for solar.
    Time for you to petition your state to do the same.
    Germany is the greenest nation on earth.

    Read: "Global Cooling" by Hans Joseph Fell,

    "The Solar Economy" by Hermann Scheer

  3. here is a crazy idea. why don't we have equal financing through government and make it illegal to accept any contribution. this way everyone has equal opportunity to introduce themselves to the public

  4. Come on Cenk!!!  You support CrookedHillary, but GJ is more your kind of guy, IMHO. It doesn't matter that he smokes so much pot. Better than going around the world and selling our jobs away.

  5. Now, if our media could learn from this interview, they would see, you don't just cut someone off and interject your point of view. You give the person you're interviewing a chance to speak, and then you might disagree, but then you just do like that. "Okay, that's what we disagree on."

  6. If Gary Johnson wins only 1 state the electoral vote is invalid and the house of represantatives are likely to choose Gary Johnson(republican) as president.

  7. Cenk, you're too focused on the "politician in the pocket" meme. Even if Johnson is correct, and the billionaire that bought you the presidency isn't going to expect you to do his every bidding, he still wouldn't have put you there in the first place if you didn't have the political philosophies that benefit him. And just as importantly, ONE GUY just bought himself a president : where's the democracy? The reason Johnson thinks as he does on this issue is precisely because he believes the only thing government should do is stand out of the way of the rich to do whatever they want.

  8. He hasn't even looked at the TPP details in wiki leaks.

    He doesn't even know the name of the N.Korean leader so does he know about they're nuclear program?

    He never heard of Aleppo, so how can he have an exit strategy?

    He can barely name any foreign leader, so how will he be able to negotiate with them?

    He doesn't even accept that money in politics buys favoritism.

    He couldn't fill one of Ron Paul's shoes with both feet.

  9. I've read all three platforms. The LP platform is 7590 words. Today’s Republican party platform consumes nearly 36000 words spread over 50 pages soaked in paranoia and hatred. The Democratic party platform prints out nearly 27000: many words and many lies

  10. It's amazing how a mixed economy makes the media into whores. Cenk can't even form the concept of an honest politician because he is sold on the concept of a looter kleptocracy. And he's one of the best ones I've seen…

  11. Is Gary Johnson so naïve as to believe that if someone gives a politician 2 million dollars that he doesn't want something in return come on man get your head out of your libertarian ass but who cares he's not going to be president anyway

  12. Actually the European Union (EU) is more free market than most of its individual big government Member States, because they create their common legislation collectively and all stupid rules just can't pass this collective test, only the most logical rules remain in the "acquis communautaire" (common legislation of the EU). While many aspects of government intervention into economics is not regulated by EU, thus UK could become more free market oriented within or without EU, but more likely within EU.

  13. If everyone who didn't vote for Trump or Clinton actually voted for Johnson instead, they would've gotten about 10% in the polls. People actually went to polls and left the top of the ticket blank. Wtf?!

    The LP would've gotten federal funding and more ballot access. Even I voted for the LP for down ballot candidates. What a shame.

  14. Many people are confused why Bernie supporters voted for Gary Johnson. I can explain this since I voted for Bernie in the primary and then Gary in the general election. In terms of social views I viewed Bernie Sanders as being relatively Libertarian. While I view both Trump and Clinton as Authoritarians. To me, social issues matter more than economic issues. I feel that it is the social policies of Bernie Sanders and not necessarily his economic policies that those who went from Bernie to Gary took precedent over.

  15. Wow did you see that cenk's got short arms and little hands I sure do hope he 's got a brain to make up for that.
    hohohooo and that pinky finger my word there is a job for him in the twix factory when doesn't out for him at tyt

  16. Even if political bribery wasn't quid pro quo: That would still mean that basically Bill Gates would be able to just make a President with his money if he like to, giving him like 3 billion dollars

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