Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find

Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find

Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, says the company will ‘engineer’ specific algorithms for RT and Sputnik to make their articles less prominent on the search engine’s news delivery services. READ MORE:


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


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  1. This is odd. As an American, just so everyone knows, I do not have anything against Russia and I think Russia and the US should be allies. If Russia has an explanation as to why Google in particular is attacking them I'd love to know; this is such a curious thing.

  2. Google and their fellow oligarchs de-rank RT just as President Trump and President Putin begin talking. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc must have a burning desire to die in a nuclear war. You can bet they will distort this story on mainstream media.

  3. Rt = Real Truth. TIME TO SWITCH TO YANDEX GUYS !! Ha 🙂 idiots are only shooting themselves in the foot, with such censorship people will leave all these stupid platforms. So I guess See ya on yandex. 🙂

  4. This isn't about RT. This is about censorship. The censoring of actual real time news, specifically.
    RT, and Sputnik, along with most of the rest of Russian news media, has little propaganda, if any. Unlike US MSM, which is 100% military propaganda. Including the shows, advertising, news, what there is left of it, is nothing that passes for news.
    World events are blacked out, if it weren't for alt. news US citizens, and the West in general would have no actual news at all.
    RT, and Sputnik aren't the only news agencies not meeting th the standards of US pollutically correct.
    (see if bullshit was music)
    This manipulation of MSM using military PsyOps is the most repugnant attack upon the US Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. It goes against everything America once stood for, and people wonder why burn the American flag.
    Today the flag symbolizes a totalitarian dictatorship, a lying, and evil dictatorship, that's practicing genocide on it's own people, and the world. As directed by The Khazarian Mafia, owners of UN Agenda 21/30/50.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. All nonsensical gibberish!

    It's about time America does something to combat Russian Ministry of Propaganda!

    But, if that was not the worst part; RT and Sputnik, as "foreign agents" operating in America who try to mischaracterize, or portray that they have done nothing wrong and are being justly oppressed by the American government? And, although that argument may be true in Russia, that RT and Sputnik have done nothing wrong by Russia's "lofty" standards.

    Nevertheless, we are talking about what is and is not acceptable in America, NOT Russia!

    Can the average Russia be blamed though? Well, yeah, ignorance is no excuse! The average Russian does not know any better though; they are bred to believe in the supremacy of one man, the Russian president.

    It's funny how those lowly slavs think they matter, in the first place, with their quasi-democracy though; the silly, gullible and naive Soviet Russian block heads!

  6. Hey RT YOU LOST….again. Just like we collapsed the Soviet Union you will be next. You Kremlin bullshit doesn't fly here. Theres a reason Russia is now the most hated country on earth over the US because your sore losers. PEACE BITCH.

  7. Why in the hell do Russian propagandists feel they are entitled to the same rights as American citizens? Hopefully Google, then by default YouTube, will ban RT entirely.

  8. Voila!! RT knows about this until Eric Schmidt says it orally, in-fact, they are already doing it since years, just look at search results, you may get one link in thousands about the news, further only when it is shows that link too, when it is not really affecting to what is US position in the first hand.

  9. It is the old, old story of attacking Russian news channels and news sites for giving truthful accounts of news, as opposed to conventional news media channels that constantly splurge false stories. The corrupt establishment doesn't like it one bit. The only way they attempt to combat truthful news is either to ban it or make it more difficult to find. This has been going on for decades.

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