‘How to fight Corona War in Pakistan discussed in great detail in China,’ said P…

‘How to fight Corona War in Pakistan discussed in great detail in China,’ said P... 3

‘How to fight Corona War in Pakistan discussed in great detail in China,’ said President Dr. Arif Alvi upon his return from Beijing this morning.


‘How to fight Corona War in Pakistan discussed in great detail in China,’ said P... 5


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  1. شاباش ،جیسے امتحان کی آخری رات سٹوڈنٹس نوٹس اور سلیبس کا پوچھتے ہیں ۔سب کو نظر آرہا کہ ایران کے ذریعے وائرس وافر مقدار میں ملک کے کونے کونے سپلائی ہو چکا اور حکومت چند ہزار لوگوں کو کسی الگ جگہ پر بہتر سہولیات اور مکمل انتظامات کے ساتھ رکھنے میں بھی ناکام نظر آئ اور اب بھی جوق در جوق قافلے رواں دواں ہیں وہ تعداد الگ جو دوسرے ممالک سے ائر پورٹس پر سکریننگ کے بغیر آے ہیں ۔۔۔عام آدمی تو بس دعا ہی کر سکتا ہے ۔دو ماہ میں چائنہ اور یورپی ممالک میں اس وبا کی تباہی ہمیں سنجیدہ اقدامات کی طرف راغب نہ کرا سکی ۔ویسے بھی ہمارا تو ریکارڈ ہے ہمیشہ تباہی اور نقصان کے بعد ہم سنجیدہ ہوتے ہیں۔۔وبا کو پھیلنے سے پہلے کے اقدامات کی بجائے دو ماہ انتظار کیا تاکہ جب یہ بے قابو ہو جائے اور ملکی معیشت اور سٹرکچر ڈگمگا جائے تو ہم چائنہ سے تباہی کے بعد ہونے والے انتظامات پر بریفنگ لیں سکیں ۔

  2. Please not return back in country please stay their safe if you want mercy on your nation . You did something wrong. If our religion not allowed you to go epidemic area how can you go their for solidarity. Beacuse behind your visit are greedy things.

  3. Razia Sultana sorry,I can’t take ur order for bernol,plz ask ur leadership to order from India if u are facing unavailability.

  4. Doctor Ilvi should be quarantined for 18 days as well … was that so fecund to visit china in a parlous situation that he did not yield but girded up the lions to visit as all of chinese were awaiting to wellcome him …

  5. Pakistan should ask for loans from china which should be written off later…….after all friendship between both is ‘Higher than Himalayas and deeper than Oceans’

  6. Just two days back Paxtan sent food and other stuff for the Paxtani students who were stuck in Wuhan city and now he says that China is taking good care of them. How Contradictory!

  7. You could do all this online but no because you wanted to spent taxpayers money to enjoy a trip to China. With that money you should have ordered machines where needed in hospitals for Corona patients.

  8. My visit to China was on “invitation on President Xi” was “to show solidarity” with China in stressful time.

  9. First time I realized that we too have a president. And a doctor can be a useful president in coronavirus seasons.thanks Corona many things are happening here for the first time.

  10. You must go to the factories where workers are doom to work otherwise they will starve to death. On one had social distancing is advised and on the other hand workers and labourers are not given paid leaves.
    You should show solidarity with them. And we know ur solidarity is not going to feed them…

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