Marine Le Pen's rise in 'forgotten France'

Marine Le Pen's rise in 'forgotten France'

In the run-up to the French presidential election, the far-right Front National leader has courted growing numbers of voters in rural France where residents of villages and small towns have seen factories close and services disappear.
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Le Pen calls this ‘forgotten France’. Angelique Chrisafis went to a Burgundy heartland of the left to meet voters turning to Le Pen.

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  1. The bankers the coporates etc do not care what you want or what you think they dont care what it does to your town city or country. They want the flow of economic migrants. Keeps wages low and makes the Rich, Richer!. The UK has seen massive welfare cuts huge rise in foodbanks and homelessness housing crisis etc. All because we added 6 million people to our economy and we had to lower national debt and pay to be in the EU all at the same time plus fund running the country on a shoe string budget. We are glad we are leaving !! We will be better in the long run without paying Billions to fund the European Parliament. We can even trade alot cheaper!

  2. Pfff If the French people wanna ba free, there have too quir first UE.

    Si les Français veulent devenir libre et souverain, premièrement, quitter l'UE.

    SINON soumis……….

    Le Pen ne veut pas quitter l UE.

  3. What's wrong with "France for the French"?

    Saying that's repulsive is equivalent to saying "Africa for everyone, not just native Africans" is morally right.

  4. Immigration suppresses wages, increases housing costs, decreases quality of all government services, increases crime, and hurts working people at the expense of the wealthy. Debt financiers, multinational corporations, and property owners are the only ones who benefit from mass immigration.

  5. globalists are bad… The Central Bank cartel is ten times worse…
    the banksters Lend money to governments… Taxpayers get the bill… Unnecessary debt Robs citizens prosperity

  6. I live in the US and never realized how much we have in common with the French.We are facing all the same problems here that you are dealing with.The so called elite don't care about the people that are the heart of every countryWe finally have a leader who fights for us forgotten people and the rich and the media are trying so hard to destroy our last hope.

  7. In France Mme Le Pen is also popular in big cities and suburbs that have become big Babel towers full of thousands of ethnies with nothing in commun but vain entreprises…

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