Stealing paradise l Al Jazeera Investigations

Stealing paradise l Al Jazeera Investigations

AJ’s Investigative Unit has uncovered corruption in the Maldives. Secretly filmed interviews describe how men on mopeds carried millions in cash to the Maldives’ political elite. President Abdulla Yameen and his former deputy, Ahmed Adeeb, are accused of receiving cash in bags filled with up to $1m, so much that it was “difficult to carry,” according to one of the men who delivered it.

In a statement following its release, the Government of the Maldives said: “There is no evidence in this report connecting President Yameen or current members of his Government to any wrongdoing.” It noted that these claims already form part of a wider investigation initiated by President Yameen in February 2016: “We have asked Al Jazeera to provide any evidence they have which is relevant to this investigation.”

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  1. The Maldives. What a super-beautiful place!! (Ms. Rasheed and Ms.Velizinee are also super-beautiful!!). Seriously, these thugs are the worst of the worst……and maybe it is me, but it is always third-world nations that suffer from this type of activity (yes, I know we have our scoundrels too in the West!!!) Perhaps that is why they remain third world countries. There is obviously investment, but of the wrong kind – by all means allow hotel chains to build and attract tourism, but why sell off islands? Answer: personal greed.
    Solution: "hit squad"! Easier said than done, I know, but surely the anger of people will spill over in time, in spite of the gangs?

  2. This is the story of every small nation in Asia and Africa.The institutions are not strong enough for checks and balance. Sure there are corruption elsewhere too but the instutions like judiciary, military, auditory commissions are independent and pretty strong to not bow down to one single person, whosoever they may be.

  3. My late friend, Faizal Khan left a big file with me b4 his passing. His playard/playground was the Maldives. Just waiting 4 the right time to release the info.

  4. I was hoping for a more significant outcome since the US dollar in large amounts brings about FBI. I still thing no response from the American Government a lot of Americans laundered money in the Maldives too.

  5. TRANSPARENCY is the only way to shed light on the activity of any government..people all over the world should demand 100% transparency and the world would be a different place!
    "darkness cannot exist in the presence of light"

  6. The Maldives, a paradise !?!? Less and less : the corals are dying, islands have penuries of fresh water and are submerged due to the rising level of the oceans, lslam gangrenes the society (which used to be Buddhist before the lslamic head-choppers came and imposed lslam), unconscionable prices, …

  7. Wonder if the Maldivians knew this or watch this… Maldives is such a beautiful paradise… Sad the government in power sold it out.. Hoping for change and to visit the Maldives again …

  8. Unfortunately none of what Al jazeera says can be proven true or false, but given they undertook a major false sting operation on Australian politics this sounds awfully like the same type of thing again. Al Jazeera appears to be a state propaganda machine.. for whatever motives at the time they seek…. I would take anything they report as highly suspect!!??

  9. good documentary, but these are the small guys. then there's hillary selling weapons to saudis, which get channelled isis and al qaeda.

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