The controversial true story of the North Pond Hermit

The controversial true story of the North Pond Hermit

Christopher Thomas Knight, also known as the North Pond Hermit, is a former hermit who lived almost without human contact for 27 years in the woods of Maine. But just how did he do it?

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  1. He`s got it made now. Get a movie, book deal. It would be hard for him, as i know he hates attention. But if he would just suffer a little, he would have it made. Make a million and buy some isolated acres somewhere, nowhere. And live happily ever after.

    He knows why he did it. Just doesn't want to offend anyone. It`s a general dislike of humanity, people, in general.

    This is Schizoid personality disorder, IMO.

  2. So you ask a guy who has lived in the woods for almost thirty years, one who hasn't conversed with anyone in that same amount of time, what his reasons for leaving society behind were. My guess is he no longer really remembers. Think about it, twenty seven years all by himself through all the trials and tribulations of surviving in the landscape, I would wager his original reasons why were buried by years and years of having to think about surviving and remaining undetected.

  3. he may ne a theif but i dont look at his as a bad guy he stole xhhep crap like snacks ita wrong but hes sont deserve no 7 years leople gwt 5 years for manslaughter figure that i thinm somone that drinks and drivea ia worse than what he did esp of thwy hurt aomone so get ur idea stright. i would also hang with thia guy and i respext this guy more than justin bieber or the karsashians or konye west

  4. 27 years alone, and then society throws him in a cage. No fucking wonder he left. If he couldnt remember his original reasons for doing it, society sure has given him new ones…

  5. Seriously??? The officers escorting Knight need to wear some kind of protection under their clothing!!! What's with that? Who are they afraid of?

  6. I just recently read the story of christopher Knight. I get it he stole to survive. when asked why he didn't have an answer, maybe because their isn't one. Thats his right. His constitutional right to live alone in the woods. He should not have been forced to change that. I agree steeling to survive was not the best choice. We can invite someone into our homes and they can refuse to leave and "squatters" have more rights then us home owners . Wheres his rights.

  7. Probably an orwellian actor to let the rest of know that you will eventually face the law if you decide to live free, one hint is that he had a watch for 27 years to keep track of time. Hmmm. You have to raise eyebrows.

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