This 31-Year-Old Is Changing Space Travel

This 31-Year-Old Is Changing Space Travel

Rocket Scientist Natalya Bailey owns a space startup called Accion Systems that specializes in making wafer thin engines that require a tiny fraction of energy that conventional rockets use. If successful, these ion thrusters could revolutionize how we will move through the final frontier.

Video by Matt Goldman and Christian Capestany


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  1. Harold Kaufman a NASA engineer have been working on ion engine since 1959.
    Downey said another challenge of electronic propulsion involved developing an efficient technique to produce ions. Working at NASA/Lewis, Harold Kaufman invented an electron-bombardment technique to ionize mercury atoms.

  2. So is Accion Systems collaborating with the Starshot project to launch light sail propelled probes to Alpha Centauri and other near star systems? It seems like small ion engines would be an ideal way to make course corrections when "light sailing".

  3. Can someone please be so kind and explain to me in layman's terms how an astronaut is able to move backward by throwing tennis balls in the forward motion while in space? How does that cause reverse acceleration if preformed in space?

  4. Damn. What a badass. So grateful she’s an American and not on China’s side helping them get to the moon before us so they can claim it as international territory (look it up). They’re already acting this was on earth with the international waters in the South China Sea (9 dash line). So proud of this wonderful lady!!

  5. Bruh these chips dont replace the rockets. What was the intro about then? Who the heck did the research on this? Ion thrusters already exist and they are currently being used in deep space missions and keeping satellites in geostationary orbit in the same place.

  6. Amazing! "We have the youngest pilot right here" :)) super cute 😀 wish the video had a bit more questions into how this ion engine she builds actually works 🙂

  7. That is why she was rejected by NASA. She was meant to do this to better mankind. Fate has a way to twist itself sometimes and this seems to be one of those times. My grandpa told me, after I was rejected by the USAF for bad ears, “Not everyone can be the pilot, if they could no one would be building the planes.” Did not sink in at the time, but now that I am older I understand it. If I would have became a pilot, I would have never met my wife and got married at 19, now almost 28 years later, I could not live without her.

  8. She is just talking about ion thrusters (which Nasa already has and using it in better cases)…. I think i would've been pretty amazed if i didn't knew ion thrusters existed. So meh.

  9. The analog to astronaut throwing tennis balls is not right. Each time the astronaut throws a ball he does not "move a little bit ", he moves faster a little bit, it sounds similar but very different.

  10. First, wonderful work you are doing. I taught high school chemistry and physics and you would be a great visiting scientist to inspire kids, especially young women. Second, have you worked with Ad Astra the company founded by Franklin Ramón Chang Díaz? They are doing similar work, using ion propulsion .

  11. Pretty much a lot of probes that are now in space are using ion propulsion. I read about this in the 90s. Nothing new. She said she was doing experiments while listening to marketing lessons. Enough said….

  12. I don't want to hear how you're going to keep satellites in orbit longer. I want to hear about how you're going to get all the defunct satellites out of orbit. I don't want to hear about how you're going to Mars. I want to hear about you going to the moon then Venus then Jupiter. I want a plan to get us off this planet & out of this solar system as permanent residents around the local group.

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