Turkey's Choice: Turks in Germany struggle with integrating

Turkey's Choice: Turks in Germany struggle with integrating

Germany has the largest concentration of ethnic Turks. One-point-four million are eligible to vote in the referendum. But as TRT World’s Nicole Johnston reports from Berlin, many are still struggling to integrate into German society.
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  1. When western talk about integration it is a joke.
    they want you to leave your tradition, language, culture, religions, food habit, dress code!!!
    it is unacceptable.
    just try to respect other people for what they are.
    they are here for a reason.
    they are not asking ur land.
    not forcing you to accept their lifestyle.
    you should keep in mind what white peoples did in America, Africa, Australia, India, middle east.

  2. Italians refuse to adapt but that's O.k because they are west (Ennio Morricone work in Hollywood but still dont know English,some italians in Croatia and Montenego still speak only italian).Muslim refuse to adapt and they are evil.

  3. Turks of Germany should come back to Turkey. The Germany had invited Turks to Germany. Now they do not want us in there. Come back to our beautifull Turkey brothers. The doors are open for you

  4. I am not a Turk but I don't blame them cause Germans don't make it any easier for them. Most Germans don't really have any appreciation for foreigners who are trying to learn their language and for being interested in their culture. When you arrive their country, they expect you to speak their languge fluently in just one month or so. If you can't speak German well, you'll probably get reactions like 'Wow your german is really bad huh?" or "go study better" etc. If you are a foreigner in the country (espacially from certain countries) they will immediately assume that you are a refugee who's dreaming to live in their country.They also love to judge and dictate others. I am not saying all Germans behave this way, but I have experienced enough to generalize.

  5. These Turks are arrogant as a result of too much german generosity. Let these arrogant turks go back to Turkey, you ll see them cry back to germany after Erdogan and the local Turks will give them a taste of reality.

  6. Speak German… this is GERMANY… the land where you speak German and accept the mainstream culture. We have not to accept your culture, you, Huseyin Fidan, has to fully accept ours, your family decided to come here, whatever reasons them had. We have not to accept your culture, whatever this may be apart from food, if you do not accept our culture… what are you doing here? Go home to your ancestors homelands and thrive there. I am thick of supporting the kind of yours by paying high taxes. Not the majority of migrants, but people like YOU, are just a burden to most of people in Germany. We don't want you, we don't need you here. And to Pinar Cetin… We Germans don't owe you anything… YOU have to integrate fully to our culture, we do not owe you anything. If you feel not welcome GO HOME whatever place you consider more welcome. This is what you call migrating. If I would chose to become an US citizen I have to accept the way of living, the flag and all these things. Huseyin and Pinar… people like you, not the majority of migrants who play by our rules, but the one like you, coming to our country trying to change the rules to your cultural favor, make me spit out before your feet. There are many people who will not surrender to the pressure of political correctness and so more will never bow to this political sect called Islam.

  7. Maybe they struggle to fit in cause it's not their country, its not their home, wouldnt they be happier in Turkey and Germans happier to be surrounded by Germans? Dear god, its like trying to fit a square block through a round hole, these issues dont have to be so complicated.

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