‘US govt attacks freedom of speech by forcing RT to register as foreign agent’

‘US govt attacks freedom of speech by forcing RT to register as foreign agent’

RT has filed for registration as a ‘foreign agent’ in the US, as November 13 is the deadline, Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan has announced. The broadcaster has been threatened with legal action should it refuse to comply.
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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


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  1. So, they are just pulling off masks, all these social media networks seem to be serving propaganda from the US, cool…, most people know that, but hopefully this type of thing will spread that knowledge even further.

  2. Antique Russian I said auntie Russian policy American news channels was created of course are very own CIA who Now controls all of our media this happened thanks to Bill Clinton's Administration when they be regulated the airwaves thank you Bill forgiving our almost honest media at that time over to the CIA and we can thank Bill to for taking down the glass-steagall ACT which of course let the banks and the lending institutions of course funded and on buy a little bit of a cabal to run rampant over us our only information that has been fairly unbiased has came from RT News the sad thing for them already know this for the most part all they have done it shot themselves in the foot I'm talking about the Deep state who everybody knows about now it's just a matter of time if the legal system doesn't take these people down the people already knew how to do Clinton style Justice a long time ago but we are a civilized country and that will be the last resort but trust me politicians and Washington and elsewhere big gun control thing didn't work it's not working and it ain't gonna all these little false Flags you keep throwing out there are going to blow up in your mother freaking faces pretty damn soon one way or another just saying y'all going down somehow

  3. Honestly Russian propaganda has been overwhelming in last few months, this channel used to be better. I dont think government has right to regulate it but it definitely is foreign agent.

  4. RT News, say's To all. Russia Television News, Obviously it is Biased, Love Thine Enemy for They Tell You Your Faults. No Worse Than Fox and MSNBC , Different points of View.. without all Views Where is Freedom of Speach ?? How Can The People Make Informed Opinion… This is Wrong !!!

  5. the thing is casting emotions and tension aside, russia today is a foreign agent is it not? or does registering as foreign agent means you're getting banned from us networks. I'm not sure what's the fuss about.

  6. RT is infamous for deliberately stirring up sh*t by giving platforms to violent criminal mob groups like #BlackLiesMatter who are infamous for being formed from a scandalous lie to protect black criminals, simply for being black..

    Forensic evidence & credible eye witnessed accounts prove Michael Brown never had his hands up, but video & credible witnesses did prove that michael brown was a thieving thug from da ghetto.. & still RT gives #BlackLiesMatter a platform to scream "Hands Up.. Don't Shoot" or push further lies about 'Police Brutality'

    I confess, knowing it was a total lie, every time I see #BlackLivesMatter scream "Hands up Don't Shoot" & plenty of BLM idiots in the UK & USA still do, I get a huge confidence boost to myself & begin to laugh like I'm watching my favourite comedy show.
    #BlackLivesMatter terrorist group have become a laughable joke.

    Take note RT, all credible news stations in England & Europe deny platforms to exposed liars like BLM or their race-baiting 'Police Brutality' friends. Credible Media knows that simple people with simple minds will believe any poisonous narrative bullsh*t if someone screams it enough times or if it favours their culture… RT loves it, or did, until RT ruined it.

  7. The u.s. is upset because RT tells the real news and the real story and they don't give a fuc or it offends you or not unlike that bullshit news in America or mainstream media as you call it 80% of it is totally fake and government censored to make you think as if everything is okay when in all reality things are far from hunky dory. Basically in a nutshell Congress is violating the freedom of the press law.

  8. They registered in time, great! Still a great news source. I will still watch, even if the government thinks they are "fake news", or not.

  9. USA going full communist. First they allow domain registrars and others to ban the daily stormer and refuse to protect freedom of speech enforced through law on monopoly companies like Google and GoDaddy also owned by Google and now this lunatic decision coming from the government itself. I thought yanks voted trump in to stop Hilary from going to war with Russia and turning the world into a fallout? USA more like USSAR.

  10. Americans do not trust Fake News ,, many look to other media in Europe as they have shown world creditably time and time again ,! Thus such fear that Americans would find out how bad its government has been fooling them would cause a change in reporting to restore credible news to America to before the unconstitutional abuse to American news that is helping to interfere with the American Elections with Fake News !!!!

  11. Why do they not make Israel's voice for running this country into the ground, AIPAC register as a foreign agent? As JFK did to its predacessor? He caught a bullet in the head (from the front/grassy knoll), and throat for taking that stand. who really owns your country? its not my country, that one was stolen along time ago. GOD Bless America as it is run by pure EVIL!

  12. Freedom of speech ? You're a puppet that blames America and the West for all your problems, over and over again. The proof comes out every day, you're only fooling yourself because the people that belive this garbage are already fools.

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