Venezuela: Mothers giving away babies – BBC News

Venezuela: Mothers giving away babies - BBC News

Oil-rich Venezuela is facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, according to the United Nations.

Extreme poverty has jumped 40%, deaths related to child malnutrition are on the rise, and millions have fled the country in the past two years.

Many inside and outside Venezuela blame the policies of socialist President Nicolas Maduro. But his supporters point to the opposition, and also “imperialist forces” outside the country – including the US, which has imposed sanctions.

Mothers and children have been among those hit hardest, as the BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez found when he spent time in the capital, Caracas.

Produced by Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia.

Edited by Kelvin Brown.

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  1. You certainly know that the largest oil reserve in the world is Venezuela. However, did you know that the largest oil well in Venezuela, Santa Elena, is on the border with Brazil, in the state of Roraima?

  2. What have we come to… Look at those children, and there are manny more around the world, and yet we focuse on shinny things, like famous people and their beautiful faces and extravagant lives, exotic places, fancy clothes, fancy meals… And these people dig thru garbage to find anything they can eat? What has become of us? When did we stop being human?! The world has gone mad, completely mad.

  3. Give this country Farming equipment. Land they have and they can unite to support each other to succeed planting Fruit and Vegetables and RAISE FARM ANIMALS for Food to support themselves. No FOREIGN AID. FARMING EQUIPMENT!!

  4. And yet, MANY people in the US is considering give away the country to failed politicians whose goals is turning our country into a replica of Venezuela. May GOD help us.

  5. Yet Chavez's daughters are billionaire's today as are Castro's kids are and their images are prominently depicted in walls today. Maria Chavez is the richest Venezuelan in the world yet lives in luxury in NYC while her sister lives in Paris. Castro son and grandson prefer their 200 fr yacht in the Mediterranean and have their six bodyguards attack anyone attempting to photograph them on it. So much for the revolution!

  6. Castellano/Spanish:

    Esto me duele …..

    Soy una inmigrante aquí en los Estados Unidos y si mi familia y yo hubiéramos tardado unos años más en mudarnos … Podría haber sido alejado de mis padres … Desde que me mudé hace media década, la única familia que tengo ahora son mis padres y mi hermano … Venezuela está siendo dirigida por personas equivocadas y los venezolanos necesitan ayuda


    This hurts me…..

    I am an immigrant here in the United States and if my family and I would have taken a few more years to move…. I could've been taken away from my parents….Ever since I moved half a decade ago, the only family I have now are my parents and my sibling…Venezuela is being led by the wrong people and Venezuelans need help.

  7. You are not abandoned dear children.Tell to venezuelan government to build you an institution where you can spend nice your free time with your friends,but you must ask your parents if you can go there.Also,tell to venezuelan government if you are hungry and that there can be a solution maybe you can have free meals there.I wish you wonderful life.

  8. These people are the devil the Bible speaks off they are the very one causing all the problems in Venezuela by stealing their wealth gold and billions of dollars stolen from them and at the same time they blame it on the government this is how wicked these people have always been if they really care stop all the sanctions stop stealing from them. There is more homelessness in England and America than in Venezuela this is all propaganda what a shame with their fake democracy and freedom judgement day is coming you can fool some people but you can’t fool everyone why don’t this so called journalists go tell your government to stop what they are doing all over the world to poor people. GOD don’t sleep every thing you people have done wether in the dark or light you people are going to pay the most high is the ultimate judge that no man can escape from no matter how big of a military or technology the most high is greater

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