What If You Stopped Sleeping for a Week?

What If You Stopped Sleeping for a Week?

People spend almost half of their lives sleeping, and still seem to never get enough of it. Have you ever thought what would happen if you stopped “wasting time” on this process?

You would surely have a lot of free time for learning something new, doing sports, working, or just hanging out with friends. Sounds cool? But let’s have a look at the consequences of never sleeping again.
After one day without sleep, you’ll feel better than ever. The reason for these strange feelings lies in the fact that your brain increases dopamine levels trying to compensate your lack of sleep. However, closer to the end of the day, this happy mood is evaporating. It’s strictly “not recommended” to drive in such a state, as it may turn extremely dangerous when you’re sleep deprived.
After two days without sleep your body will have less and less energy, and you will begin to look pale and a bit ill. What is even worse, your immune system will start to let you down becoming less efficient. Your judgment will get impaired.
What is more, the effects of the absence of sleep will be getting worse and worse, and after a short time, the body will begin to shut down. This means that after three sleepless days you’ll be unable to function or communicate normally.
If you manage to fall asleep on the 11th day, shockingly, there won’t be any long-term health effects. This means that after a good and quality sleep lasting about 12 hours, you will be perfectly fine. This doesn’t refer to those people who suffer from fatal familial insomnia. Such patients can survive maximum for a year, and a half granted their condition was worsening gradually, and they still managed to sleep from time to time for the first several months of the disease.


After one day without sleep. 0:44
After two days without sleep.1:51
After three days without sleep. 2:52
How long is it possible to survive without sleep? 4:02
Recommendations how to fall asleep more easily 5:34

-This may seem weird, but after 24 hours without sleep, you’ll start to feel happy and elated.
-As soon as the second day without sleep starts, you will have some important physical functions getting shut by your body. For example, its ability to metabolize glucose will be lost.
-You will start to hallucinate after three days with no sleep, and your body will be desperately trying to rationalize the feelings it’s experiencing.
-The maximum recorded time without sleep was approximately 264 hours, that’s about 11 days. After that, the body shuts down completely which leads to death.
-Figure out your favorite sleeping position. Before going to bed, enjoy a nice warm shower or a bath with eucalyptus or lavender bath salt. Sleep in the nude. Start to control the light you’re exposed to a couple of hours before you go to bed and add some gentle sounds. Don’t eat before going to bed.

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  1. 3 days & night, after that(D4) slept like for 5 hours(at lunch), & had a white night(today D5) feeling just awsome, not sure yet if I wanna sleep tonight
    after the 1st day feeling stronger& looking better, sports become easier:)))

  2. I'm i watched this video because I was concerned because the pills i have to take right now are keeping me awake and I've been up for 7 day's (a whole week i know crazy) and I'm just gonna say your wrong i haven't even had the effects you stated for 1 night so I wanna know where you got your information because it's just wrong (plus I should add I'm 13, so that might effect it a little

  3. I couldn’t sleep. I’ll wait until I come back from school, and finally go to sleep even tho I’m in middle school, and I will have homework, also I’m not tired idk why right now I’ll be up for at lest 17 hours and 30 minutes…

  4. I have not slept from last 7 days whenever I try to sleep I gone in the rem sleep nd lots of dreams comes during sleeping time , nd I face problems while talking with people around me .

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