Would you eat recycled landfill meat? – BBC News

Would you eat recycled landfill meat? - BBC News

Ever wonder what happens to restaurant leftovers?
In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is recycled from landfill tips, washed and re-cooked. It’s called “pagpag” and it’s eaten by the poorest people who can’t afford to buy fresh meat.

Warning: You may wish to skip this one if you have a delicate disposition.

Video journalist: Howard Johnson / Producer: Virma Simonette.

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  1. What the video doesn’t tell you is that the man speaking at the end uses the term ‘po’ consistently. It is a term to show respect, and it is quite a hassle- he doesn’t need to, but he does. Even though he may not have the most comfortable life, he’s still being respectful towards the film crew.

  2. Went in this area for our immersion at AROMA where you can smell all sorts of things and Happyland whare everyone seems to be happy and Tuberculosis treatment center. This recycled food shacks are common sight here and they look delicious and cheap.

  3. I am an filipino,i have eaten pagpag for over 2 years as an child.Because of our poverty rate is high(Also in 1989 maybe of that date ferdinand marcus ruled the phillipines like an dictator.Once the people power overthrown EDSA streets,ferdinand marcus go to with an helicopter and his wife the our national bank and stole 8 Billiion pesos and fleed to Hawai
    And thats why we have high poverty rate.)

  4. This is why i don't waste food. My eye twitches when i eat at buffets with my cousins because of how wasteful they are. Why get 5 pieces of sushi when you're gonna eat only 2-3 pieces?

  5. I don't think it's just poverty. Its like a cultural thing from India to Philippines and everything in between to be filthy and nasty in a gross out kind of way no offense

  6. Harsh reality, I first these types of "recooking" in Bangladesh, mainly street foods in poor neighborhoods. Pathetic governments and politicians can't even provide food to these people for survival.

  7. As a Filipino, i never experienced this but seeing the other part, this makes me sad, poverty is the main problem, but what is the solution?
    For other nationality don't judge them eating pag pag, its hard to find money here so appreciate what you have..

  8. How are you feeling about your ex-colony, United Statesians? You never paid for reparation to Philipines or any countries you've exploited over the years. The guys like the one in the video and their sons are the ones who still pay for the sins of your ancestors.

  9. I just want to say that while this is legit, most of us are not like this. Not at all. I just hope the foreign media doesn't show us as garbage eaters as a some sort of generalization. I just want to clear everything out.

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