Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns after election fraud and protests

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns after election fraud and protests

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned Sunday under mounting pressure from the military and the public after his re-election victory triggered weeks of fraud allegations and deadly protests.


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  1. The audit did not show any rigging. The OAS, which is HQ'd in Washington & gets 60% of their funding from the U$A, conflated the quick poll with the actual vote tally. The rural regions, obviously because of lesser infrastructure, saw their results come in later. The rural voters preferred Evo.

    Evo won the elections n, but DC and the OAS couldn't be happier that military got the indigenous leftist president gone so that white people and the right wing can return to their hundreds of years rule of the nation.

  2. Why did Mexico work so hard to give asylum to a drug dealer who sells drugs to the Sinaloa Cartel?
    The asylum of Evo Morales in Mexico because he was supplying cocaine bolivia to the cartels and now those who protect him are the security guards of Piena Nieto … And Piena Nieto herself was the one who accepted 100 million dollars from the sinaloa cartel in return of the protection of EL chapo and the Mexican government has now shown that it works with the posters I have no doubts … check this out

  3. This is all a lie … first he drowned the American family that was killed, then freed El Chapo's son and now helped escape a corrupt politician accused of cocaine trafficking that he (Evo Morales) sold to Mexican cartels … and now its very clear for me that Mexican goverment its working with cartels and its very Corrupt

  4. When a country interferes with a powerfull country who is incontrol and threatens his economy or with the way they think or worst negotiates with the enemy, well that calls for a change. In other words its like this. ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. Evo was a threat for that powerful country. LITHIUM!!!!

  5. everyone that wants to make up their own mind about this should read the official report that started the coup:

    critical opinion about the report:

    In my mind the only thing fishy was the high percentage of the last counted districts. If it turns out that they were truly hardcore Morales voters than there was probably no election fraud, just incompetence in some people organizing and executing the election.

  6. After Anez puts in Camacho I'm sure he'd love to sell Natural Gas and lithium to the US. The whole thing from the start was personal. Trump can't stand to be outdone, he is insecure. It is traceable to when Evo spoke clear truth to him at the UN. At that moment or in the days following my guess is Trump began to look into how to throw Evo out, and he happened, very likely through Jair Bolsonaro upon Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho, the future 'president' of Bolivia if the Coup gets its way. Carlos Mesa was barred by Evo in the past for trying to steal for himself and sell Bolivia's 'natural resources' to the outside. 'Macho' Camacho is evangelical, quietly racist, and rich as all get out. His family owns natural gas. Evo nationalized natural gas, meaning he shared all profits equally to each Bolivian. That means Camacho's family just got to be rich, but not as rich as they wanted. And so Trump finds Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho's Coup and gets right behind it. Innocent people are now dead and dying so that American, Brazillian, and Colombian natural gas tycoons can have yachts. The guilty are many. Mesa coordinates, Camacho carries it out. Anez is the face. Jair Bolonaro (Prez Brazil), Ivan Duque (Prez Colombia) and DT back it. Menendez, Cruz, Rubio give a nod. A friend told me recently that Bolivia sparked South American independencew with the first public revolution in '52. Other countries followed, like a constellation, each star brightening when a people decided to come together and stand up for themselves, for a living wage, for land and rights. Many of those stars have been eclipsed by American Coup's, and the US flag runs red with the blood of the Indigenous Americas. But the spark remains in each place. Now the fire is rising in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela, the people filling the streets in support of Aymara people and in total defiance of this bloody and unjust Coup.

  7. Don’t pronounce his name Ivo. Pronounced as starting with the vowel A, like Apple Evo, practice, practice, you are delivering the news to millions, you must learn to pronounce a name correctly.

  8. The report was wrong.

    "the Center for Economic and Policy Research, which concluded it was "very likely" that Morales' victory was legitimate."(March-2-20)
    It looked like a coup, but it was actually a regime change by another country(wink).

    Who wouldn't have guessed?
    Will there be an investigation against the false report or the country which plotted the reime change?
    Of course, not.

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