During a meeting of the Sindh taskforce on coronavirus, Chief Minister Murad Ali…

During a meeting of the Sindh taskforce on coronavirus, Chief Minister Murad Ali... 3

During a meeting of the Sindh taskforce on coronavirus, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has recommended that people go into self-isolation to help control the spread of the virus.

He hinted that a lockdown could be imposed in the province for three days. An order to this effect is expected to be issued soon.


During a meeting of the Sindh taskforce on coronavirus, Chief Minister Murad Ali... 7


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  1. foa all Indians concerned about pak. according to bbc and Bloomberg your pm liar modi is holding down the real numbers for corona affectees. according to Bloomberg india is a nation filled with slums where there are 4 times more ppl per sq metre compared to china. there is no way corona will leave india alive but modi cares about his public image only

  2. I came just home from office I’m a single parent who will earn for me and how can I save myself from the virus my office is open they will deduct my salary

  3. ‏پاکستانیوں کو کرونا وائرس مذاق لگتا ہے۔ انہیں لگتا ہے کہ حکومت اور فوج ڈالرز کی لالچ میں کرونا وائرس کے نام پر انہیں ڈرا رہی ہے۔ انہیں پولیو ویکیسن بھی سازش لگتی ہے۔ ایسی قوم کا علاج صرف شمالی کوریا کے صدر کے پاس ہے
    وہاں پندرہ کیس آئے کرونا کے، پندرہ کو گولی مار دی۔ بات ختم

  4. Hey mr your lock down measures are useless ….this virus cant be locked up in a bottle…it moves with the wind ….airborne…..unlock us immediately……

  5. Good decision ! As far as poor is concern give them all ammunities for one month.. things will get easier

  6. Only close down is not the solution …clean city ..do some spray …other wise closing down will not help to control …

  7. I think he is going mad ….. Lockdown is not solution ….. If we lockdown city how can people earn money for food

  8. Great Step by CM Sindh .
    Secure the People of Sindh from Imran Khan’s Stupidity .
    Lock down the Borders and dont let others enter from rest of the Provinces .
    The least we can do for our People

  9. Curfew, Lockdown and emergency are three options if a country wants to: Nip the evil in the bud. However food and other basic necessaties should be provided through Govt Utility stores. If there is no Crona still these measures are very important to prepare public ready for future potential trabsmissible diseases.

  10. self-quarantine is the most fruitful way to control pandemic very soon than is being expected but one thing that controll on virus would be great hinderance in getting funds of political top brass

  11. We support the idea of self-isolation- social distancing to avoid transmission of Corona.
    Stay home, stay safe.

  12. Good job this is only way to combat this outbreak, if we doesn’t take right decision on right time than serious consequences may observe.

  13. Is this guy for real?? Pick a factory, pick a corner of every city where labours sit together so that some one will take them to work, pick a shop all these places are crowded by a minimum of 5 to 10 people and many more, the virus multiplies simultaneously, god forbid if any labour gets infected, would he be able to pay his expenses of hospital, if money is greater the humans for you then how are you helping bro? The greatest economies had a locked down to prevent the risks, they are not fools, they love money more then you do but they love thier people more then you do.

  14. Go for it as soon as possible. People think it’s vacation time and enjoying themselves outside. They have to realize the severity of this virus.

  15. Love you Shah sahb Corona won’t harm us if we have CM like you❣️ Your efforts proves your struggle for nation and nation feels proud to Have CM like you

  16. Sorry to say but it’s of no use for our ignorant nation. Instead of self isolation kids have turned roads into cricket pitches. Supermarkets are overflowing with crowds, people r roaming around walking their dogs like it’s a summer vacation. They r not even standing apart from each other. I see a very bleak future, but I hope I’m proven wrong

  17. Whatever the decisions have been taken by government of Sindh are laudable. Not only Pakistan but others countries are looking seriously to avoid the social contact. Presently, no any authentic treatment for this novel virus. All decisions are in favour to mitigate this spreading. The first thing we should be active and disconnect ourselves in order not have more cases.

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