How Africa is affected by climate change | DW News

How Africa is affected by climate change | DW News

The global climate crisis is having an increasing effect on Africa’s people and its wildlife.
At the international climate conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterresh warned of a catastrophic impact if nations do not take action to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.
Africa is already struggling with the effects of a more volatile climate. In 2019, the continent faced severe droughts, cyclones, and unusually heavy rainfall. The threats to Africa’s wildlife also grew due to a changing climate.Subscribe:

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  1. Is this not yet maily speculation? Wast areas of forest have been cleared there and land is degraded by grazing etc. I think there are in deed problems, but we should not yet jump to conclusions so quickly and connect it all to global climate. Also regional changes (like changes in forest cover) could result in floods, dries etc. In this video you can see logged steep hill sides (2:19) and sheep herds (with an extremly degrading impact) grazing on the sensible vegetation of rocky degraded areas (8:32) too.

  2. The climate on this planet has gone from one extreme to another for billions of years. There have been many extinction events on this planet and we are fools to think that we are not next.

  3. There is not one single scrap of evidence that any of these events are related to so-called man-made climate change. (which doesn't exist anyway)
    Be careful Africa. You are being colonised again.
    Carbon futures traders are on the way to buy your allocations for a handful of beads and some nails.
    They will appear on the markets next day priced at millions.

  4. Educate africa
    Buld schools and send all childrens to school
    Then invest in agriculture and try to get foraign exchange
    Then buld factories
    And teach the citzens about unity and rule of law
    Then things will dissapear simply

  5. Southern California is colder than years, and snow. It's great when southern california has snow. In many places, the cold season comes early, the snow comes sooner and it gets colder. some countries have fewer storms, less floods.

  6. Dear Eartha, Im leaving you for Marsha. She may be cold, distant, and almost completely uninhabitable but…she can change. Just know that its not you its me. Love Manny P.S. Sorry about giving you cancer after many years of polluting your air.

  7. Perhaps "Warmist Scientists" could explain to skeptics what percentage of the current warming trend (currently around 1.6 degrees since 1876 – (the end of the 400 years of the Little Ice Age) is influenced by artificial/unnatural heat sources such as, factories, home heating, engines of all kinds, wood burning, lighting, ovens/stoves/cooking fires, motors of all types, air-conditioning, industrial ovens, gas burn-off, energy production, smelters, forest fires and a doubling population?

    Also, what effect has millions of square miles of "heat-retentive" materials, such as; concrete, brick, asphalt, roofing materials, metals and water had on the 1.6 degrees of increased global temps?

    Further, to what degree has modern weather instrumentation, placement and calibration affected temp-data? I observe that "Climate Scientists" have been caught tweaking their results and findings more than once, in support of their dogma and grants.

    What were the causes of the 400+ years of global cooling, known as the "Little Ice Age", ending around 1880. which caused the deaths of over 65 million people? And, what about the 300+ years of global warming, known as "The Medieval Warm Period" (800-1200 AD), or the many other multi-century periods of global cooling or warming during Earth's past?.

    The earth has been in the Holocene Epoch since the end of the most recent ice age, the, "Pleistocene Epoch"; which lasted over 2.5 million years, covering much of the Earth with ice. Ice, that in many places, such as New England, was more than 1000 feet thick. Did the cooking fires of cave dwellers end those millions of years of a planetary deep freeze?

    Myopic Climatology is not about "saving the planet"; but rather it is about the progressive, political control of its populations.

  8. What Africa needs is more reliable and affordable energy… like other affluent nations of the world. More energy means more purified water shipped to where its needed, crops that can be farmed in suitable locations and shipped to where needed, and energy to support a clean environment. The areas of the world with the worst environmental records tend to be the poorest.

  9. Corn, wheat, rice and other course grain yields have increased 300% over the last 60 years in what NASA refers to as "CO2 fertilization". India is now a net exporter of wheat, they cannot eat all that they produce. Plant photosynthesis requires sunlight, water and CO2. All life is carbon based, and 2 or 3 times the current CO2 levels would be much closer to optimum levels of C3 pathway photosynthesis. The best way to kill life on the planet would be to suck all the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

  10. NEWSFLASH Early December/2019
    I have checked US media today and I dont get it. SO many bad bad news we keep getting about the climate as we learn more and more. SO frustating that there are SO few good news, So few news that point in the right direction. HOWever, I can give some good news for a change…Denmark has just approved in parlament with 167 for and 5 against to volentarily, nationwide, to reduce CO2 emissions with 70% from 1990 level before 2030. The demand in the Paris climate accord are a 50% reduction before 2050. Inside the same decision the Danish parlament also have agreed that Denmark are NOT allowing themselves to buy CO2 qoutas to deliver the result "on paper". It has to be a genuine and real reduction. So its a massive improvement and what the climate and the global population needs that ALL countries do (NOW). Isnt very very strange that I have to sit here and write this in all kinds of websites because I am SO sad that you, as a living creature on this earth couldnt, read it in your newspaper or see/hear it on TV in US? Time to wake up and elect politicians that have programs beyond next 2-4-6 years. Elect leaders with a eye for a sustainable future. Its very simple really…Instead of what we do now, we have to cover all our needs with electricity and hydrogen (hydrogen made from water and electricity polutes nothing but water when burned), and the electricity has to come from wind (offshore windmillfarms are now more efficient and economic than coal) and solar.

  11. There has always been climate change,,, the difference now is,,,, there are 7.5 billion people,, more and more of us are going to feel things when they change,… the real threat coming is food disruption…

  12. We need to stop climate change is getting worse and worse everyday that passes by we many not see the changes but many others around the world including animal’s are suffering the consequences.

  13. Africa is feeling the effect of local corruption and the inability to organize itself to a decent society. That’s the history of Africa in a nutshell. Now they blame everybody else – that invented the suit and watches they are wearing!!!

  14. Africa should get some decent governments. They are always asking for money. They want to cleanse the white farmers from the farmlands and hence destroy the production of food. Africa is overpopulated for the land. They have to reach their own equilibrium.

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