Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday expressed the hope that Pakistan's &quo…

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday expressed the hope that Pakistan's &quo... 3

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday expressed the hope that Pakistan's "hot and dry" weather will help to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, urging citizens to exercise social distancing and self-discipline.

Speaking to senior journalists in Islamabad, the premier said: "We can manage [the outbreak]. There is a difference of opinion, but some doctors say that the type of heat Pakistan experiences, that makes the virus lose its effectiveness [to spread]."

If we exercise discipline for the next month-and-a-half, and avoid going to public places, and if those showing symptoms self-quarantine, then the spread of the virus can be be controlled, he said.


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday expressed the hope that Pakistan's &quo... 7


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  1. He is the dumbest person in charge at the moment. It is sad that we thought he can be a great leader. He proved to be the incompetent person of all the slot. I salute the sindh government on the measures that have taken.

  2. صدقے ایتھے رکھ۔ تہاڈا کوئی قصور نہیں تھاڈا سی ایم بھی تہاڈے جھڑیاں گلاں کریندا اے کہندا سی اہو کورونا کیسے کاٹتا ہے۔

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  4. Our body temperature is 37 c and in australia when virus hit the country it was 40c then how come a virus which can survive in 40c, has less threats in hot temperature…

  5. Al Hamd o lilah this PM’s Pakistan has 12 seasons.
    PM can kill dengue by cold weather and Carona by Hot weather.

  6. Previous Pandemics didn’t follow weather patterns, plus as we enter Summer, there will be Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

  7. Dear Oxford! Don’t distribute degrees to all the guys who got admission in your university….your graduates are too harmful for mankind…

  8. If I am not wrong, It was summers when Australia had cases of corona virus, it was so hot that they had a huge fire, so can someone explain how Will rise in temperature help?

  9. He is highly influenced by social media and WhatsApp “forwarded as received” messages instead of medical experts.

  10. PTI,s scientists have started working on introducing a weather,which will make it hard for Coronavirus to live in, in Pakistan.

  11. Genius, if that was the case the virus wouldn’t be spreading in Australia where it’s 35 degrees plus and the dry weather is causing forest fires.

  12. Yes he should be …just as he was hopeful about Dengue Virus when he said cold weather will eliminate Dengue virus hahahahahaha. Nikamay log yahi statements dete hain.

  13. Whomever says this government is “not doing enough” think again. Press conferences everyday, Pm speaking same time every day to reassure us. I don’t know that I’d want a different one in charge of the country right now honestly. Do your part for the health care workers. Just STAY home!!! Be positive on the internet and support each other where you can. And before you begin to write a response, keep in mind, I have very good friends on the front lines in the hospitals right now dealing with sick people. I worry about them and others…it’s good to see the government stepping up where they need it. People need to do their parts and stay home!

  14. Guys please don’t take his word for it. There isn’t enough information about whether or not hot and dry climate will kill the virus.

    Let’s just trust the information provided by the WHO, which he seems to be unaware of. Here’s an article that busts the myths around this pandemic. They clearly mention that we should take appropriate measures regardless of the climate of any area.

  15. From the evidence so far, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid weather. Regardless of climate, adopt protective measures if you live in, or travel to an area reporting COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 is by frequently cleaning your hands. By doing this you eliminate viruses that may be on your hands and avoid infection that could occur by then touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

  16. Always take the opposite of what he claims on tv. He said we have done all preparations but preparedness in hospitals is saying otherwise. Same is true here.

  17. A complete lockdown is a must. People are not taking it seriously and God forbid, it may turn into a disaster.

  18. And whats wrong in this ?
    If you keep social distance, make sure you are not in contact with the host ( an other human ) than the virus (if transmitted) on other objects by sneezing or coughing , will certainly not survive due to heat. And even without sanitiser spray on these things it won’t spread. But yes, it can only be effective as long as you don’t receive it from the host itself. (Other human being) . For that it’s vital to keep social distancing

  19. ?

    Could the new coronavirus outbreak be stopped by warmer weather?

    The simple answer to this is: we don’t know yet.

    Not enough is known about the new coronavirus to say that it will disappear, or even have its spread reduced as temperature increases.

    Evidence from similar viruses suggests that the virus may transmit less efficiently in the spring and summer months. Alongside changes in temperature, it is thought that humidity, differences in human behaviour and human immune system functioning also play a role in this pattern.

    However, even if it ultimately turns out to be a seasonal virus, it is unlikely to behave like similar viruses in the short term. This is because it is so new that very few people are immune from it.

  20. Is he for real?? Who gives him this information?? The hot weather myth is busted by WHO. The virus spreads by contact and droplet infection. Even if heat slowed it down ( no evidence so far) infected people will still keep on infecting. So Khuda ke liye, take precautions now before it’s too late like Italy and other European countries.

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