Trump impeachment hearings – Bill Taylor, George Kent (FULL CNN Live Stream)

Trump impeachment hearings - Bill Taylor, George Kent (FULL CNN Live Stream)

Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

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  1. If Trump's administration was so big on stopping corruption, then let's get them to send a list and proof of all the corruption efforts or cases they have taken on since Trump took office in 2016. Which cases have they worked on????? Any cases other than Biden?

  2. whoah whoah trump's quote "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" was from goebbels…as in NAZI goebbels…as in the inglorious basterds? …smh tsk tsk lol not surprised one bit…and the right wonders why trump is so cozy and looks the other way to the corrupt and evil ……trump and all his goons n supporters should be genocided from the face of the erth…IMPEACH THIS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! ….wished we could takel onger a bit in this impeachment hearigns so we can get the others to testify so we have a better case …but even now we have ebough to impeach this motherfucker….but the right in his base , party and his goons ..think eveythign trump does is not illegal smh..wooooooooow no fuckingwonder i detest the right …theyre fucking corrupt and criminal AF…..lets LYNCH TRUMP …! trump lynching 2020!…..lets burh his ass at the stake since he thinks all his lies n corruption is justifable and thinks hes above the law…sicne he like to talk about everythign agaisnt him is a WITCHUNT.. lets treat him like one ^_-…tie his ass to a rope with wood on th floor and then light his ass on fire ^ ^

  3. The fact that the current Senate hearing as of 12. 12.2019 on CNN is only being broadcast live when Democrat senators are speaking, is de facto proof that CNN has intentionally biased their coverage and should not be tolerated by the General Public. The question is, are the ratings for CNN going down faster than the ratings for Democrats across the board. The result is going to be a SLAM DUNK re-election for our great President Donald Trump in 2020. Democrats and CNN SUCK ! ! !

  4. All CNN will get out of this drama is loss of advertising companies. False CNN reporting and biased judgment has already caused many viewers plus ads to flee and desert CNN.salvage is not the right word to use here.

  5. I think that people should face the charges of treason of those who are treasonous and they should be weary that they don't tread on me anymore. Because I am sick of the lefts brain washing machine they call media CNN Washington Post
    MSNBC NBC abc ext. More importantly I want
    A fair media probably idealistic fantasy
    But that would change the world for the better. If there was true and honest integrity.

  6. I love the way you impeached trump on no ever dense what so ever. by keeping the main witnesses out from Fox O

    i mean the Republicans. its good to know that CNN is truthful and they are so not dis honest in any way, i am a Mental retard and i can see you are on the up and up well done CNN. Trump 2020

  7. This from a party (to clarify we mean the DEMS) that has held investigations for 3+ years from a fake document (again to clarify the Steele Dossier which was a lie) and from a phone call ( again to clarify where the president did ask the Ukraine President to investigate why Biden refused to give aid if they did not fire a prosecutor investigating an internal crime in Ukraine and also to help find out what part Ukraine played in the 2016 US election. I believe the President had the best interest of the American people at heart when he asked for this information).

    As far as Joe Biden being a political opponent of President Trump that is BS since Biden has not been nominated yet , he is not a candidate for president he is a candidate for the nomination of his party to run for president..

  8. This impeachment was fueled by anti-Trump hatred (he ran against and beat a WOMAN — which has driven feminazis ever since quite mad), and was proposed the day Trump was elected. There is no fairness, no rationality, no honesty in the Dems these days — simply hysteria of the sort that feminazis showed when their favored candidate (who was quite incompetent and arrogant — based on her record, but hey, she had a VAGINA) lost, despite all the spin that the mainstream media could give their favored, tripping, collapsing, and zero-ideas candidate. Trump was forevermore the ENEMY.

    CNN is one of the ringleaders of this act of mob violence. Though Trump has proven himself to be fairly middle-of-the road left-right-wise, and quite effective in pushing policies that are good for America, still the anti-Trump cry continues, driven by those who lost in 2016, and who can't accept that a WOMAN COULD lose. It must be misogyny, or something worse! Rationality never really returned to the Dems since 2016, and Pelosi, by ignoring the rules of the House, demonstrates that very well. Like most women: she judges by her FEELINGS, against FACTS every time.

    And CNN is a major organ for this feelings-over-facts, and women-are-always-victims and rules-are-just-for-men philosophically degenerate ideology, pushed by the barren feminazis who push women-over-men despite the fact that women never built any civilization ever, and that America was built by Western men, for both men and women. The privilege, the envy, the spite and the truly mind-warping hysteria of the radical Left these days has led to an impeachment that is even worse than the nonsense of impeaching Clinton for getting blown by a slutty intern.

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