"We can manage [the outbreak]," said PM Imran Khan earlier today. &quo…

"We can manage [the outbreak]," said PM Imran Khan earlier today. &quo... 3

"We can manage [the outbreak]," said PM Imran Khan earlier today. &quo... 7

"We can manage [the outbreak]," said PM Imran Khan earlier today. "There is a difference of opinion, but some doctors say that the type of heat Pakistan experiences, that makes the virus lose its effectiveness [to spread]." If we exercise discipline for the next month-and-a-half, and avoid going to public places, and if those showing symptoms self-quarantine, then the spread of the virus can be be controlled, he said.



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  1. Oh u r going to manage with a total number of 1600 ventilators for a population of 20 crore? Stop fooling people! Heat has no effect on it. Its warm in Sindh and despite of that it’s spreading like wildfire!

  2. ایران کے بارڈر پر اگر توجہ دیتے تو انسانوں کو اتنا تکلیف نہیں ہوتا۔ انسانوں کو پریشان کرنے والے اور تکلیف دینے والے خدا کے ساتھ جنگ کرنے کے مترادف ہیں۔ خیر ایران کا بارڈر اگر بند ہوتا تو ڈالر بھی بند ہوتا

  3. حکومت سے مطالبہ ہے کہ بیرون ملک سے پاکستان آنے والوں کو کم از کم پندرہ دن کے لیے قرنطینہ/سلامتیہ میں رکھے اور جو گزشتہ پندرہ دنوں میں واپس آئے ہیں, انھیں فوری طور پر کرونا وائرس ٹیسٹ کے لیے ہسپتال طلب کرے.

  4. Ap jo bh kaho pakistanyon nay yahi kehna hay k ham nay kuch nahi krna hay ap nay hi krna hay sab kuch hamari koi zimmadari nh. Ap nay kaha tha tabdeli laingay ab ap karo

  5. To all the imbeciles busy twisting a simple statement, is it difficult to understand what he has said? “IF WE MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE AND AVOID GOING TO PUBLIC PLACES WE CAN ACTUALLY STOP THIS FROM SPREADING is the exact definition of SELF QUARANTINE.
    Do you think that a lock down means that the government comes and locks you up in your homes? For God’s sake act responsibly on an individual level and abide by these instructions. It doesn’t need to come down to the police or LEAs forcing us into our homes and cracking down on violators. Why can’t we be act as a responsible nation only for once?
    While you’ve hung yourself onto the PM’s ‘temperature’ statement, you’ve ignored all the rest of his instructions because of your stupid stubbornness.
    I see people flocking into restaurants even to this day. What are they waiting for? The police to exercise laathi charge to make them stay at home or are they trying to test the state’s medical facilities’ efficiency by going sick altogether?

  6. It’s a mere rumour! No authetic organization has confirmed up til now regarding lesser effectiveness of virus in hot weather.
    Please impose a nation wide lockdown before it’s too late.

  7. There is no scientific evidence that heat will kill the virus. Stop bullshitting and telling people lies.

  8. do u trust these ppl to take care of themselves…the dam world isockef down from china to US y not we????r we not precious as american or british?

  9. Stop blaming the government. Every head of state has made an absurd remark regarding the virus. Each individual in the country has to take the necessary precautions themselves. If you have the symptoms and don’t self quarantine then there is nothing the government can do

  10. I think doctors should need to control on this virus and locked down in separate room to prevent other ppls from havoc. Otherwise this virus is unstoppable & will not spare anyone with his lame and daming statements.

  11. waiting for a month that heat will break the effect of virus and it is just a rumor that it may or may not effect it ,the better is to lock down for 14 days.by the day you have to take those steps the world did it ,whether now or after some days you have to consider that.

  12. Excuse me, but a 45 day lock down would result in domestic abuse and schizophrenic tendencies, not to mention daily wagers turning into looters and murderers…. Especially for groceries stockpiled at home

  13. WHO says there is no evidence to support that transmission will decrease in hot and humid climate. Few areas of Iran are very hot. See what happened there.

  14. Mr.PM … given the situation of Iran and Italy , there is no option left except lockdown otherwise you, your masters and team do not have the capacity and ability to contain if things scale up … everyone knows about the last dengue situation

  15. Who told him that transmission will decrease in hot and humid climate ?? No scientific study actually confirms that. Totally Immatured statement

  16. WHO says there is no justified data on effect of heat regarding eradication of VIRUS. Are you a scientist? Or do you know better than them?
    Secondly, areas in Australia where there is higher temperature are also reporting cases; furthermore, core body temperature of every human remains the same 37 degrees in winters or summers due to homeostasis.
    Please take practical steps instead of fooling the entire nation! First your Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid and then you ! Both are giving baseless remarks that cannot be justified at all.
    Being a doctor myself, it hurts a lot.
    Fake Copy paste and rumours are holding more importance than verified research.

  17. You people in Pakistan need to understand and realise how severe this situation is, Imran Khan can only do so much, you need to listen to him and follow his advises.

  18. Absolute nonsensical, thete is no scientific evidence and many experts have termed it false. He is only mis-guiding people. Fail to understand who is feeding him such fake news

  19. Here’s a wild idea: how about we take this matter seriously, and instead of passing comments on something that is still being researched, we follow the WHO’s DECISIVE and universal guidelines and NOT fool our public who take their leader’s word as credible information?

    He’s not even aware of the symptoms mentioned by the WHO. Zukaam isn’t the usual symptom, it’s a dry cough. There is no proof that virus will slow down in summer.

    I think I’ve lost the little bit of faith I had in this man after watching this. He’s not informed, and is not taking this pandemic seriously.

  20. So basically he’s trying to say that u people will be responsible.. we are not going to impose anything for the betterment of the masses therefore u take it as u wish.

  21. The Beloved Prophet SAWW said “Do not mix the sick with the healthy.”

    We don’t know the health status of all as there are asymptomatic carriers that can spread the virus and usually the symptoms occur few days after catching the infection.

    Social Distancing / Isolation not only is going to save YOU but OTHERS too !
    Do it for Yourself
    Do it for your Family
    Do it for Others
    Do it for Pakistan
    Do it for Humanity
    Give Zakat Khairat to the needy now so that they too can stay home.


  22. Doctors have different opinions we don’t demand that you should take decisions like a doctor, take political decisions which serve in the best interest of the country. Every sane person know that when the temperature increase all microbes decreases because temperatures have great affect on viruses. We demand you to lockdown the country for 15 days

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