According to latest updates, 730 cases of #coronavirus have been reported in Pak…

According to latest updates, 730 cases of #coronavirus have been reported in Pak... 3

According to latest updates, 730 cases of #coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan; 3 have recovered, 3 are dead.

This figure was updated on Mar 21 — 11:30pm.

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According to latest updates, 730 cases of #coronavirus have been reported in Pak... 7


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  1. لاک ڈاون نهیں یه ایران سے جو گند لاکر یهاں پھیلا رهے هیں ان پر کریک ڈاون کی ضرورت هے سارے پاکستانیوں کی زندگیاں ان زایرین نے حطرے میں ڈال دی هیں

  2. please correct this figure specially regarding kp. local sources have identified 31 new cases in kp..2 new were identified in Manga area of district charsadda..manga is that place where 1st case was identified and hes been dead. number of cases is increasing but its not been reported

  3. In patients ka ab treatment kia ho raha he quarantine units main? Cases to ziada hain inko handle karna problem ban raha hai ab to. Do any medicine working for this?

  4. First martyr in WAR AGAINST CORONA
    DR Usama from chillas gilgit baltistan, was serving the people at juglot corona screening center, infected by the virus and lost his life.
    ان للہ وانا الیہ راجعون۔
    With very limited resources you gave your best..

  5. How the numbers has been rised suddenly?
    It was 500 something yesterday..
    Where other cases in sindh has been reported?

  6. I hope people are taking this seriously. Please inform, especially your parents and elders, to stay indoors and if they have anyone coming from outside, he/she should take extra measures to sanitize hands, etc. A contact of mine has done an graphical extrapolation of how virus is spreading, and the tally may rise beyond 50,000 cases by April 3rd.

  7. Ugh 3 recovered and 3 are dead? Does that mean death rate is 50 percent in Pakistan according to outcome?

  8. The tally has been reached to an alarming rate we must do something extraordinary, sindh has been reported highest patients followed by Punjab, it was all out due to Taftan pilgrims which turned to be nursery rather quarantined, but before going to start blame game we must act now, the PM has rightly said that we have two choices either to deprived the already suffered people, such as daily wages workers, to opt one bad choice from two bad is really difficult but we must go for lockdown.

  9. It will never be gone, stop dreaming, it will calm down, but come back every little while, like the flu. It will mutate, but can´t disappear completely, that´s not how it works

  10. Hamara kya banay ga? Lahori elitiyas busy channeling their inner Marie Antoinette while partying away and a Prime Minister who until recently was in complete denial about the gravity of the situation. And he still doesn’t understand how bad things are with his speeches about this is like the flu.

  11. These updates in every hour will create more panic and chaos in the society.Dawn show some maturity at this crucial situation

  12. We are now entering the third stage of corona virus. It is time to be very careful. Stay safe and follow the guidelines.

  13. #CORONA_Jinnah_Hospital

    A 35 year old male patient presented to Medical Emergency Jinnah Hospital with 1 day history of illness. At presentation the patient was fully conscious and responsive.
    The patient deteriorated and collapsed with in the next 15 minutes. No availability of tests to confirm CORONA
    This patient WAS HANDLED in hospital, Doctors came in contact with this patient, without N95 masks.

    This highly suspected patient died and was not tested for #COVID19, his corpse will be buried as per the norms of society and will become a source of #CORONA for those who give bath to this patient, who attend the funeral.

    Where is administration? Where are the safety measures
    The Doctors in Emergency are still working without complete protective equipment. N95 mask is still not available in Emergency.

    Are we going to continue not labelling and not testing highly suspected patients as #CORONA. Just to keep the numbers down.

  14. Why PM is not tacking charges to act against Coronavirus or he is looking add from various organizations &institutions for bailout. Money is in his mind but its cost higher than any bailout

  15. our people do not care about such issues, educated roaming and partying here and there and poor waiting for some subsidiaries during this all. VERY FEW who want to sacrifice salary or time , are busy convincing rest people 🙁 🙁
    But these Ch**tiyas are moving here and ther like time bomb.

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