Thousands of poor city migrants whose livelihoods have collapsed due to India’s …

Thousands of poor city migrants whose livelihoods have collapsed due to India’s ... 3

Thousands of poor city migrants whose livelihoods have collapsed due to India’s coronavirus measures headed back to their villages on Saturday, raising fears that the exodus could carry the virus to the countryside.

About one fifth of India’s 271 confirmed coronavirus cases has been reported in the western state of Maharashtra — home to Mumbai, the country’s largest city and economic powerhouse. So far, India has registered four deaths due to the virus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged Indians to stay at home to fight the outbreak. Maharashtra state authorities ordered on Friday the closure of all shops and offices, apart from those providing essential services, until March 31.

For Indians who drive rickshaws or run food stalls, the economic shock of such control measures has been huge, pushing them to leave for family homes where they typically do not pay rent and food is cheaper.


Thousands of poor city migrants whose livelihoods have collapsed due to India’s ... 7


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  1. Just like they have skipped many, they will not test these people as well, as AlJazeera & Newyork time, thehindu etc said 90 test a day is being done in lndia, so numbers are definitely low, Pakistan has 90% pilgrims who came from Iran or other countries, over 4000 more have arrived so our numbers will further go up big time, as long as there are minimal local contacts, we are just fine, Pakistani staff are doing great job to test them all unlike lndia

  2. I wish virus would differentiate between countries, race, religion, economic status etc.. it’s serious folks ..unfortunately it does not.. grow up to understand seriousness .. for your info unemployment claims in US have gone up from 70000 to 280000 in a week .. that should open your eyes… do not ridicule the seriousness of the situation .. hope better sense prevails

  3. Poor indians? We indians are far ahead in terms of health care n precautions we have taken. The pace in which corona is getting effected, i guess pakistan is going to be a history.

  4. Pity for those who are laughing at this….. Dude it’s not the time to spread hatred…. Don’t forget u r human being before hindu & muslim.

  5. Kindly stop posting India related news. They are not relevant here. Though they come here to show obsession with paksitan but we must ignore them

  6. We should understand one thing that, we shouldn’t be laughing at each other. Both countries people should understand this. Please be mature.

  7. Guys stop trolling each other, we need to be United, Religion and nationalism can’t save us from this pandemic.praying won’t going to help us either, just try to spread awareness and stay home peacefully.

  8. Lol beggar country who’s pm is begging everytime even two days before he begged to world now saying others poor have shame

  9. Headline of this news paper article nd thinking of Pakistani citizens are so different.#stand by each other guys as uh all r commenting.

  10. As virus don’t know their native address.. only preventive measures could save you and many others. spread awareness and stay safe.

  11. Y people r laughing??? Stop it plz…. Think like a human don’t behave like animals n monsters… May everyone stay save from this pandemic virus… Ameen

  12. Pakistan is still talking about poverty despite having in your own country. . Get well soon Pakistani media. . .

  13. When can the one laughing be more sensible to make peace…the world is ending soon… when can both country find peace… Both pot laughing at kettel black..

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