Following global shortage of ventilators needed for the management of Covid-19 c…

Following global shortage of ventilators needed for the management of Covid-19 c... 3

Following global shortage of ventilators needed for the management of Covid-19 critical patients, Punjab is apprehending an acute shortage of this life-saving equipment vis-a-vis requirement of the most populated province in the coming days in view of upward trend in the confirmed virus cases.

The Punjab government is faced with an alarming situation because of a world-wide ban imposed on the export of ventilators, except China, in the wake of the onslaught of coronavirus.

The situation has become particularly perplexing for the local distributors as multinational firms manufacturing and supplying ventilators have increased prices of the equipment by 80-90 percent after they were directed by their respective states to first fulfill the local requirement and then go for export.


Following global shortage of ventilators needed for the management of Covid-19 c... 7


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  1. World has 19000 fighter planes, 50,000 tanks and now in 2020 spends around 2.000 bn $ on World military expenditure according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute; the humanity has for its own demise ensured a million time kill with the help of over 10,000 nukes ensuring total annihilation from self-inflicted wounds.

    Yet – we don’t have enough #ventilators if more than 250,000 of earthlings out of 7.7bn require them ( 250 m $max ) at one given time, what #postcorona world needs is to rethink our #selfkillcapability and work on our #collectivesurvivalstrategies.

  2. I have a suggestion for the Pak Army Scientists that instead of making masks and sanitizers, they should start manufacturing ventilators. That’d be more helpful.

  3. Ventilators are machine when a person unable to take breath itself , ventilators helps to get air in n out to lungs ..

  4. No country in the world has sufficient number of ventilators..Dont spread the Panic..negative media house…

  5. Situations are quite risky,stay at home or adopt very precaution measurements. Otherwise we will face that would be stern than happening casualties in Italy and other European countries.
    #save the planet.!

  6. I think the Government needs to cut defense budget in this emergency, use it to buy ventilators and safety kits etc

  7. There are 872 ventilator in Punjab. But in gilgit Baltistan there are only 7 ventilator. And in skardu there are only 1 ventilator which is out of order. Please Federal government think our people also.

  8. The Imran administration will have to step up promptly if it wants to save millions of people from getting infected by the novel coronavirus. Acute shortage of ventilators could be not less than a catastrophe.

  9. Keeping the number of COVID-19 affected persons in view, no country in the world can facilitate ventilators to them. The graph is going upward day by day. Therefore, all governments must focus their attention to stop further spreading of the virus. The way this virus is spreading in the world, combined medical facilities will fall short. So please focus your attention to prevent its spread, which won’t be possible without cooperation of people.

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