The interior ministry has authorised the deployment of the armed forces in all f…

The interior ministry has authorised the deployment of the armed forces in all f... 3

The interior ministry has authorised the deployment of the armed forces in all four provinces, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Separate notifications have been issued by the interior ministry, approving the request made by the administrations of all provinces and territories. The decision has been made under Section 245 (functions of armed forces) of the Constitution and Section 131(A) of the CrPC.


The interior ministry has authorised the deployment of the armed forces in all f... 7


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  1. فیصل آباد میں کافی ساری تعینات کرنا یہ باہر نکلنے سے باز نہیں آتے

  2. But PM of Pakistan could not understand if this deadly virus started community spreading situation will be horrible. There will be no space in hospital. Due to want of adequate ventilation and ICU facilities how doctor could treat the patient. Lockdown is the only way to break the chain. There is no role of Army untill break down of law and order.

  3. Deployment of excessive force on roads can back fire !

    Armed forces are not immune to this virus ,

    Utill people do not support , the motive can never be accomplished !

    Make people aware is best way ….

  4. All political parties except PTI bash army for their political interference without any solid proof. But heyyyy in any difficulty lets call army please…

  5. This guy is too slow to take action. PK is going to be in big troubles if Mr. Imran Khan don’t act as a leader.

  6. We in Pakhtunkhwa have already had a lot of these Corona forces. Well, you can deploy them in other provinces. They have killed more innocent people than Corona would kill.

  7. Unfortunately.. This is the only way this nation abides by… They understand boot and uniform… This is sad but i feel insulted when someone in uniform asks me where and why i am going, because it is me who understand it better what is best for me and for nation… But this step is inevitable because people don’t think in the same way…

  8. Akin to putting the cart before the horse….first announce lock down and then use Army to ensure implementation.

  9. Great decision by Govt. We are not so aware and educated to deal with carona virus, lot of people including some so called schalars are still treating carona by shuff.. only army can limit the people to their homes.yesterday I was crossing a ground in district mansehra i saw lot of youngers are playing there. I WhatsApp to authority and response was action will be taken, but i am still waiting for action. Furthermore, today when i was crossing same area i saw surprisingly number was increased….

  10. Before deployment of troops they should have been trained how to deal with corona positive patients, how to keep oneself protective, national emergency should be declared, air ambulance must be used for remote areas , the puppet PM received green signal from Pindi now

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