Financial expert: Do this with money during coronavirus outbreak

Financial expert: Do this with money during coronavirus outbreak

Financial expert Ted Jenkin says people should stock up on financial reserves rather than food and toiletries during the novel coronavirus outbreak.
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  1. How did people in the US get the virus if they didn't come into contact with anyone from Asia or anyone who traveled to Asia? Doesn't make sense. If its a new strain of the flu, a medical professional needs to state and clarify that!!!

  2. If you're an American male, you have been putting off doctor's appointments and health care. Get it done; work with your doctor to give them time to absorb all the extra things that will be coming in. If you love an American man, talk to him about this.

  3. What's wrong with this guy you have no choice but to have your 401k in the stock market they did away with regular retirement so they could speculate with our money.

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  5. First of all, those two are DEFINITELY canoodling.

    Second of all… I forgot what the second thing was. Probably something about money markets. Oh, well.

  6. Geez — how long do I have to wait before CNN gets to the point in this segment, "what do I do with my money during coronavirus outbreak'. We ALL know the economy is tanking —- Duh! CNN just recycles the same crud. Just answer the question, 'should consumers save, pay off debt before an increase in interest rates, should we spend and invest in big purchases?"… STOP mentioning anything that has to do with politics and start focusing on valuable, informative info for the individual consumer —- just inform americans how to survive, invest and make logical decisions.

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