How To Do A Plot Twist – Knives Out

How To Do A Plot Twist - Knives Out

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Knives Out was miles better than Rian Johnson’s last film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But Knives Out is praised for subverting people’s expectations, while The Last Jedi was criticised for the exact same thing. What? How does that make any sense? In this video essay, I break down the lesson Rian Johnson learned on how to do a subversion…

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  1. When I first saw this movie, I arrived late and came in during Marta and Harlan's scene where we find out what happens and can I say, watching the movie a second time with all the introduction made it VASTLY different. I'm not sure which I liked better lol

  2. The fact that you believe every murder mystery has same cliched denouement demonstrates your naivete with the genre and explains why you were so impressed with this plot line. It's not a clever thing to subvert expectations in the genre, it's practically a requirement.

  3. This movie did such a good job at convincing me he wasn't the murderer that when it was revealed he was the murderer, I straight up didn't believe it. Like my brain was like "we'll wait for the true reveal later" lol

  4. I remember watching this around last year, my friend recommended it to me and was hyping the movie up all until we sat down and watched it, since then I've heard so much praise for the unexpected twist and all the aspects of the movie. Yet looking back I was somewhat disappointed, I thought the bringing of the idea that the one character who obviously looks snobby and who the dogs dislike and who seems like this arrogant son as the killer while it wasn't painfully obvious, I expected this Avant Garde esque twist I guess, in the scenes before them pinning down the killer I had been convinced this was all a theatrical experiment set up by the grandfather to get inspiration for the plot of his next novel I was so ready for this grand twist, which could have also added a mystery factor such as the snobby grandson ended up TRYING to murder the grandfather but failed in one way or another. Maybe its just me but did anybody else have that feeling of so much more could have been done, simply based off every critique towards this movie it seems like i'm am being arrogant and its perfect as it is but to this day I'm not sure. thoughts?

  5. Okay I'm sorry but was I the only one who thought the plot twist was super obvious? Call it a hunch but I guessed immediately that the medicine bottles had been swapped the moment Marta showed how they looked similar. And Ransom was so over the top, the only thing that made me think he wasn't the killer was because why would the director make the killer someone so obvious? Turns out nope, he was the killer and I was giving Rian Johnson way too much credit. I also thought that the whole "Marta can't lie" thing was really lazy.

  6. the first time i watched this movie was on a plane and i fell asleep right before marta had her flashback and woke up when random was caught so i thought it was the worst murder mystery ever LMAO

  7. The casting is brilliant too – James Bond and Captain America. You go into the movie expecting somewhat condescending Bond opposite wholesome Cap and both actors are given a chance to prove their chops outside of action movies when the twist is revealed. Promising Young Woman did the same thing with a lot of the "nice guy" characters, casting beloved actors so the audience would trust them implicitly, much like the characters in the film do.

  8. I can’t disagree more- the film positions Chris Evan’s as the main suspect, then it continues to point him in the cliche’s of the antagonist, just to reveal that yes he was the murderer. If you forget Chris Evan’s is captain america (like my parents who were bored by this film) but there’s no subverting expectations

  9. It was obvious to me as soon as Captain America walks out of Christopher Plummer's office angry. Every single word, scene, hint, clue, just further confirmed that he was the one who switched the bottles, manipulated the maid, and intended to make out with the inheritance. He'd obviously figured all of this out before he got the bad news that he was getting nothing, and he was obviously the one who sent the anonymous payment to James Bond.

    I thought that I might get to see some surprise twist at the end, but it never happened.

  10. Remember that scene where Martha said "That's great news." to the doctor? If you listen to that scene again, you can't really hear the last few letters of what she said, it sounded like "grea–". So, it's possible that she actually said "That's grave news." to the doctor. Its wordplay, similar to the use of "Hugh" and "you" God, I love this movie.

  11. I hate that I procrastinated this movie because someone spoiled me that 'the black guy did it', only to watch it and realize IT WAS A LIE! Thru it all I was sure it wasn't and accident and that the black guy did it but I wrong and left confused at the end.

  12. Knives Out's approach to tell you exactly what happened at the beginning was so bizarre and disappointing to me. Then I realized it was a brilliant decision and an incredible movie

  13. I thought the twist felt so unsatisfying, I firmly believed he was the murder so when the movie tries and in my opinion fails to divert blame away from him and end up revealing it’s him feels lame and predictable. This made it ultimately feel like I’ve wasted 2 hours of my life.

  14. This is one of my favorite movies now. When I first watched it and they revealed what happened with Marta and Harlon, I immediately got bored and couldn't understand why there was so much time left when the mystery was over, so I 100% wasn't expecting the twist. I was so shocked, and then I rewatched it and truly appreciated it all the way through.