11,000 scientists warn of climate emergency and demand radical action | DW News

11,000 scientists warn of climate emergency and demand radical action | DW News

More than 11,000 scientists from around the world published a declaration of climate emergency, demanding immediate action to avert “untold suffering due to the climate crisis.”
They are warning that climate change could soon reach a point of no return. And while the timing of this tipping point remains a source of disagreement in the scientific community, there is a consensus about the best way to prevent it: Rapidly cut global greenhouse emissions.
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  1. CO2 is NOT polution!!!
    EXTINCTION is CO2 less than 150ppm.
    Thats real extinction. Plants cannot grow.  The Sun controls Climate in cycles.
    CO2 is the gas of life. 
    More CO2
    More plants
    More food
    More humans

  2. CO2 feeds plants.
    CO2 does not control climate.
    The SUN controls CLIMATE.
    CO2 levels were much higher in the past millions of years,
    End of last ice age Earth was only 180ppm CO2. 150ppm is EXTINCTION…….vegetation cannot grow.
    Release the CO2. Feed the plants. Feed the people

  3. Alliance of Climate Scientists is a one page website run by one guy who gets "scientists" to sign petition.
    His report was an opinion piece not a study..it was a press release.
    One would think that alleged credible news organisations would do some basic research….
    Has anyone ever seen one of these scientists that belong to the Alliance.?
    This was revealed by Rebel News…
    My seven year old neighbour who's a renowned climate scientist tells me that in all his years he can never ever remember a summer this hot…

  4. We live in a world which is apparently experiencing a “climate emergency” for that reason business as usual is no longer acceptable.

    The following pointless and planet damaging activities should be immediately banned.

    1. International political or climate conference travel. Future conferences to be conducted on line

    2. International sports travel, the main offenders being the Olympics, followed by tennis, soccer, rugby, golf, motor racing, this includes travel by sports persons plus travel by spectators.

    3. The building of any structures and stadiums for International sports, the main offender being the notoriously wasteful Olympics.

    4. Air travel to attend entertainment venues including pops and classical music, the ballet, movie premiers or movie festivals, includes travel by entertainers and spectators.

    If the emergency continues to deepen other forms of travel and activities will be added to this list

  5. The comments here indicate why we are goners… we had a good run, apeys! smoke em if ya got em, then go learn about exponentials, tipping points, methane clathrates and learn how to love extinction.

  6. Check the biographies of the so called scientists that were signatories to this so called peer review.

    A Canadian journalist did and checked all 400 from Canada and found not one was a scientist never mind a climate scientist!!. Calls into question the other 10600 if someone has the time to check them.

    Politicians have hijacked the climate change debate and turned it into a political agenda directed from the liberal left. If the co founder of Greenpeace amongst many others are not convinced on human caused climate change, (WHO IS A SCIENTIST) then eventually it will be a slippery slope for those that support the theory of human caused climate change.

  7. Off 11,000 scientists believe this so much, let them be first to offer up the lives of themselves and all their family members.
    Don’t be cowardly, die for your own strongly held views yourselves….that applies to all the leaders and politicians who agree with them.

  8. The claim made in the title is bogus. The actual signatories of the petition were almost completely not scientists . Some were janitors and secretaries. Even Mickey Mouse signed it. Go look it up if you don't believe me. Climate alarm is a scam of the UN and the government organization the IPCC (it's in their name if you don't know), to destroy our way of life. Or, as they put it, our 'economic model'. Again, they admit this, go look it up.

  9. 11,000 "scientists" …a lot of them not even scientists,.. most of them not climate scientists… a lot of them made up… including Professor Mickey Mouse of the Mickey Mouse Institute for the Blind.
    Out of all scientists in the world (approx 7,000,000)… 11,000 is about 0.16 of scientists…
    Ergo… 11,000 scientists is almost nothing.. 99.8 % of scientists did NOT sign the paper.

  10. I became a scientist yesterday so : CLIMATE EMERGENCY IS REAL , make some clickbait it should go viral , make kids anxious and destroy the infrastructure. Yes do it now or we all will die a horrible death. it will become so hot. And everyone will Die. Don't mention china and believe every kid when it's talking about climate change because , by the media pushed kids are always smarter than all the real scientists like richard feynman or freeman dyson. Believe that kid or she will be coming for you like a terminather with a temper tantrum. Don't fart because that's c02 and only drive in expensive elektric cars. that don't burn fossil fuels because the co2 is generated elsewhere…. So do it destroy society or else we will die within 18months or minutes or whatever.

    btw don't eat unicorns…

  11. Australia is a "polluter" because we have cheap coal that everyone wants, so we sell it to them.

    The "broader momentum" to "do something about climate change" is a media driven leftist scam.

  12. I’m glad he explained it – so China has signed up to no change in the rate of their emissions until 2030, at which point they then agree to stop increasing their rate and just stay at that level

  13. All the usual trolls lining up to dispute the indisputable. You'll see the same ones in every climate change video comments section. It's almost as if they're being paid to turn up and write bollux …

  14. Absolute garbage, their is no climate emergency, the highest temperatures on record occured 120 years ago, The world record for heatwave was recorded in Western Australia 160 days where the average temperature was 42C 108F between 31 October 1923 and 7 April 1924, it's also officially recorded in the Guiness World book of records.
    Australia and the US both recorded there highest temperatures on record between 1880 and 1930.
    Of note is the fact that the majority consensus of opinion back in the 70's and 80's amongst scientists was that the earth was heading for an iceage due to increased CO2 emissions, polar opposite of what the consensus is now.
    General consensus is never a yardstick, we must learn from yesterday's mistakes.

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